Tank Blitz & Forge Flare | Most Unique Balls Ever?!? With NEW Motiv Staffer

What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today we have an analysis between two of the MOST UNIQUE @bowlmotiv bowling balls !! The Forge Flare and the Tank Blitz have the most unique shapes on the lanes that I have ever seen!

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52 Comments on “Tank Blitz & Forge Flare | Most Unique Balls Ever?!? With NEW Motiv Staffer”

  1. I have a tank blitz and I just started bowling a couple of months ago. And it is an enjoyable way to learn how to throw a bowling ball.

  2. I find that these microcell balls work really well at South Point. Do you agree? If so which one gives you the best look?

    1. I’m a lefty down and in bowler who needs a ball I can move right with if I have to but will still come back on the back end I have low to medium revs any thoughts on a layout I should go with

    2. @Johanna Brown Depends on the rev rate if the rev rate is lower I would say something like 4×20 and if the rev rate is higher I would say like 5×35

    1. hangman0004 yes they are, I use my flare for the 1st game then the venom shock or the new venom, since I have 2 shocks, I’ve pull the Shock out of the bag and put the venom in w/the blitz & Flare, those 3 I carry for the men’s league so far every series has been over 7, good luck

  3. grats motive man would love each of these balls man but im using my supra. might grab another motiv next year but i just got a hammer web mb as well so i have to learn that ball and see where it fits

  4. I have the Blitz Tank, and I love it. I will be getting the Forge Flare this coming Monday. I have a low tilt (13%), 300 rev rate with 15mph ball speed, any suggestions on drilling patterns.

    1. @Richard Santine I have but personally I don’t love polish to begin with. I think what makes the blitz so special is how early it is. Adding polish just made the reaction longer. Made the ball less special IMO

  5. It’s league night, and I can’t wait till I get my Forge Flare tonite. With my speed and revs rate, would a 3000 grit be better overall to help blend out the lanes?

    1. Believe me, I know.. lol I lost time and got into a rush mode to get out of door. By the time, I got there I’d remember it. Lesson learned. We did win all games though.

  6. i got a tank blitz last weeki loved i a left a bowl a 767out the box there way can get one is left on new balls of motiv

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