5 Comments on “Tamer’s Favorites Bowling Balls 2021-2022 | Part 2 – Strong Control”

  1. Ironically deciding between your top 2 right now as a step down from forge flare.

    Leaning towards zen soul as I want to try that core. Have phaze 3 which I love and I am sure would love phaze 2 as well. Any thoughts?

    1. Right now I have to say zen soul as it’s my number 1 for a reason. Time will tell but yeah. I don’t think you will go wrong with the phaze ii either. Maybe as a pairing picking the phaze 2 could be a 52/48 proposition.

    2. Thanks for putting these videos out today I’m debating between your top 2 in this category I will have 1 Crux Prime 2 Infinite physix ahead of it in my line up then a regular Zen in my arsenal would the Zen soul overlap the Zen some compared to the phaze 2 which would give me the best range with them 4 together I don’t take the Crux prime alot of times

  2. I have an original (2016) Phaze 2 and just purchased a Zen Soul (not drilled yet). Also have an original 2013 iQ Tour, so hoping the Zen Soul joins them in attaining longevity!

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