Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical – When To Use – #MoMonday

It's #MoMonday!

Today, Phil discusses the general reaction characteristics of symmetrical vs asymmetrical bowling balls and when it'll be best to use each one. Both can hit the pocket, but one could strike more than the other at any given time. Let your ball reaction and pin action be your guide.

Leave your comments below with your experiences where you made a ball change and saw the results you wanted… or didn't want!

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7 Comments on “Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical – When To Use – #MoMonday”

  1. Because of my low tilt.. Assym balls tend to flat 10 me constantly on house shots. If i get in Symmetric balls, thats where my carry increases oddly enough.

  2. It sounds like pin carry is one of the things I’m looking for in deciding when to use sym or asym. If this is accurate, what type of pin carry am I looking for. You mentioned flat 10. I understand I need to change my entry angle if I leave this multiple times leading to a decision to change ball core types. Any other indicators?

  3. Very helpful. Really took me buying a few different balls to really see the difference. With more on lane experience I will be better able to tell when each type is more effective

  4. Phil,
    Excellent video. Can you expand the discussion on the next few videos to include how moving the psa on a strong asym affects down lane ball motion? And maybe another follow up with how this compares and contrasts to drilled symmetricals?

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