Symmetrical Balls | The Who, The What, The When

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Welcome back to the #RadicalRundown!

Today, Phil shares an overview on symmetrical bowling balls and all the questions that come along with them. Who should use them, when to use them, what layouts may work best for each player.

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10 Comments on “Symmetrical Balls | The Who, The What, The When”

  1. I love this stuff .. so helpful .. however, I am curious why it seems like my Asymmetrical balls work better for me most of the time. I would think Symmetrical balls should work better for me. One of my favorite balls right now is the Katana Assault .. that ball is working absolutely awesome for me as a 2nd ball after bowling on the fresh. I bowled pretty well last night, starting with a Proton Physix in the opening game and moving right to my Katana Assault for the remainder of the series. Did well with both, both are Asymmetrical. I love my Zen line as well, but it just seems like my Asymmetrical balls are working best for me most of the time. I am not a real slow bowler, average around 16-17 off the hand (13-14 at the pins), roughly (we don’t have a very accurate system at my bowling center). And I have a pretty respectable rev rate, not super monster high rev, but pretty decent.

  2. I have both a solid and a pearl symmetrical ball. Both of them are better at facing up and rolling strongly to the pocket than my asymmetrical balls.

  3. I am a new bowler, just learning to hook the ball, and I’m trying to understand skid hook roll. I know the bowl skids then Hooks is it actually supposed to roll? How does a higher rev rate help?

  4. Would you consider a Symmetrical ball of similar RG, Diff and coverstock to be a ball down from an Asymmetrical ball?

  5. Thanks Phil, shared this video with a patron of my Pro Shop. The light bulb finally turned on and he is purchasing a Deadly Rattler from me. Mahalo plenty!

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