Supra Rally | Ball Motion Video

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The brand new Supra Rally™ is designed with one goal in mind, speed around the corner. This finely tuned, angular pearl is designed to turn on the boosters when it sees friction, allowing you to navigate hairpin turns with precision and dominate challenging environments.

In this video, Nick Pahr uses 3 different drillings on the Supra Rally, as well as comparing the Supra Rally to the Ripcord Launch, Fatal Venom, and Top Thrill! #MOTIVNATION

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24 Comments on “Supra Rally | Ball Motion Video”

  1. New to motiv here, looking to get more equipment of motiv. Picked up a jackal ambush and I love the ball. Only issue I have ran into so far is the burn in league. That ball seems to make the lanes dry up so quick, is there a ball that you can recommend that I can stay right and throw maybe like 15 out to 5-7 and stay right all 3 league games? Thanks.

    1. The Primal Shock or Venom Shock would be great options, depending on how strong overall you want the ball! They’re both incredibly versatile benchmark pieces

  2. This one looks interesting! I’m so used to “pearl” meaning clean and snappy, but this one looks like it kinda gives you a hybrid look. It’s definitely clean up front, but it has a nice, slow arc up to the pocket rather than some explosive change of direction that’s going to leave 9 pins all night.

    I’m thinking start the night with my Primal, then maybe move into a Rally as things progress. Hmm… 🙂

  3. Just looking at it I prefer the OG Supra compared to this one. The OG Supra has a bit more pop downlane and rounder. This actually shapes just the OG Supra if you don’t come around the ball.

    1. The OG Supra would be closer to the Ripcord Launch in terms of overall strength. This would be closer to a Hydra or Tag, which has been something we’ve been missing in our line for a while

  4. I have been getting my Motiv arsenal together and I think this ball would be great to replace my old Hustle Wine with a slightly stronger layout. Thanks to all you guys at Motiv for coming up with new solutions to our game 🇺🇲🎳🤘

  5. Cool tech bowling bowling ball motiv supra rally bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  6. Hey! I am starting to look at Motiv again. Been a few years. One question on your videos. I’m pretty sure you are on a house shot….42 feet?

    1. yes, typically that is what we throw on for these videos! Unless we need something in particular, like with the Jackal Ambush video we needed a heavier shot.

  7. haven’t seen anyone throwing the top thrill since Luis Naples did a video on it. Straighter is greater ball for sure.

  8. Love seeing the Top Thrill included in this. A few weeks ago lanes got a massive friction spot and i shot 266 with mine. Absolutely love mine when its usable

  9. I hope this is at a value price point. I haven’t seen too many pearl motiv balls worth the price.

    1. The Ascent Pearl would be closer to the Top Thrill in terms of performance. The Supra Rally would be stronger on the backend.

  10. I just got the same ball same color like a week ago and I was 140 average and now I’m hitting over 200

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