Super Nova | 8 Ways

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All shots performed on a 42' house pattern.

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Coverstock: NeX™ Solid Reactive
Weight Block: Ignition™ Core
Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
Color: Lime/Azure/Black
Fragrance: Fruit Pop

✔️0:00 Jillian
✔️0:31 Spencer
✔️1:07 Kendle
✔️1:36 Joe
✔️2:03 Chad
✔️2:35 Chayton
✔️3:05 Steve
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16 Comments on “Super Nova | 8 Ways”

  1. I really hope this doesn’t completely replace the Proton Physix, ball has been a storm staple for close to 3 years now. The colors are amazing and the ball rolls phenomenal and personally I never matched up with the OG Nova so ik people with similar taste to me aren’t gonna like this.

    1. @Angry Badger the super nova seems more flippy compared to the Proton from what I see, I honestly just hope the proton doesn’t see the end of its cycle

    2. I love the Proton too, and I truly believe it’s the gold standard of solid asyms, but I can almost guarantee this is going to replace it. I absolutely hated the Gem and the Nova. I do love the Nex coverstock however, so I’m somewhat hopeful, but also keeping my expectations in check.

  2. Lol the least surprising ball release ever! We all knew a solid nova would come out with this name since the announcement of the Nova!

  3. I remember when the OG nova came out I literally said in the “# Ways” video live chat that we would obviously see a SuperNova name in a future ball. And I explicitly remember storm in the chat saying no to that!

  4. And now we wait for the pearl version called the “Hypernova”, hahaha!!
    But seriously, this looks like a good first ball for those heavy patterns for me at least. Keep up the great releases, Storm!

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