Subbing in another league! League Livestream 1/20/22

Today I am subbing in a different league since my league has a day off!! Balls of choice today are the Storm Nova, Storm Spectre, 900 Global Zen and 900 Global Altered Reality!

11 Comments on “Subbing in another league! League Livestream 1/20/22”

  1. Hey enjoyed the input during the games, a little play x play is great as far as what bowling ball to use and why? ,,,and moves you are seeing as you progress with newer equipment It takes your vids to a new level that others just do not do……I like what your doing it feels professional and what the average house bowler needs. Great job and keep rolling…….

  2. Nova looked good from straighter/closed angles! Always tough to figure out the next moves, especially at a center youre not familiar with. I thought maybe the Zen would of been the next ball. Spectre seemed too quick downlane.

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