Struggling Teaches You A Lesson That Winning Doesn’t! League Recap Week 3!

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Bowling league recap for week number 3!

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10 Comments on “Struggling Teaches You A Lesson That Winning Doesn’t! League Recap Week 3!”

  1. The best thing I ever did was buy an eternity pi and drill it pin down right after you made the video about it. I agree with you changing things up helps. Doing the same thing over and over again that doesn’t work just doesn’t work

    1. @scottythompson940 Hey Scotty …. let’s hear some of YOUR bowling stories ….. and I’m NOT talking about “cool video talk tech … bowling bowling league more strike nano technology more spares blah, blah, blah. Let’s hear SOMETHING with substance Scotty …. or do you just TROLL bowling videos with your nonsense drivel ????

  2. Lou …. I definitely feel for you bro’ ….. I don’t know how many times over the years I’ve done the SAME thing …. shot a 599 and came up one stick short …. that, more than anything …. sticks with you. There’s just a mindset about ANYTHING BELOW a 600 is failing for the night ….. but actually you DO take something from it …. and LEARN. Great videos Lou !!!

  3. You said it best! That’s my key indicator as well. Being on a “house shot” if you are in the correct area and ball you should have miss room. If you don’t either your ball or zone is wrong. I look for it every week. I don’t blame you one bit though. 856 why wouldn’t you throw it? Lol. My issue is if I ever get a new ball I get “new ball syndrome” and don’t want to put it up .

  4. This is why it is heavily important for people that have to buy their balls that you are very selective on which balls you pick up. Buying the wrong ball puts you in a world of hurt. It is a better to find out when an alley is having a demo day and pay the 25 bucks to throw different balls.

  5. Totally confused on the washout shot being the I need to change balls. That was a huge miss out are you really expecting that size of a miss not to be punished? I’m really wondering on what you’re seeing when you’re watching these back like the almost washout game two you thought wasn’t that big of a miss. Compared to the shot before it was obviously way right off your hand and wasn’t close. Though I do love the idea of the phaze II as it’s my go to ball in league and is the GOAT.

  6. If you had to keep playing a few more game, what would your next adjustment be? Move to the veb and play more in the oil?

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