Strongest ball ever? | Gem by Roto Grip | Full uncut review

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20 Comments on “Strongest ball ever? | Gem by Roto Grip | Full uncut review”

    1. Have you played both back-to-back? Both ball are on my short list for a new tank (along with the Proton Physix).

  1. I don’t mind the burnt up conditions for the balls people are gonna play on those conditions but literally no one is going to throw this on the burn. I’d like to see you just throw the ball on the condition it’s kinda intended for

    1. @JR Raymond nope watched every video you’ve made for probably 2 years on both channels. Huge fan.

  2. Do you remember the original defiant? Since this has the same core. The og defiant really loved when you slowed it down and give the ball time to read the lane and shape up.. it also would keep continuing through the pins it loved oil and loved when you came around the ball. The gem reminds me of that but cleaner in the front and little sharper in the backend compared to the og defiant man i miss the defiant. Be nice if they came out with a core half defiant and half critical theory lol that would be insane-!!!!

  3. The strongest ball ever is going to still be the AMB Particle from Visionary. That ball was stupid and laughable when I tried to throw it out of the box. I had to take it all the way to 4000 and polish for me to be able to use it.

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