Strike Derby! Most Strikes in Two Minutes Wins!

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The home run derby is one of the most fun events to watch! So today we are doing that IN BOWLING! Two minutes on the timer and the most strikes win! This was a lot of fun and very fast paced! Enjoy it as we did shooting this!

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46 Comments on “Strike Derby! Most Strikes in Two Minutes Wins!”

  1. Love your videos luis! been watching you since I got into bowling and your videos help me decide what ball decision to make

  2. Luis, your videos are so much fun! Thank you for the content. Also, Andrew and I have very similar bowling styles. If it’s possible, I’d like to know what his FAVORITE heavy oil ball is and why. Thanks!

  3. need to pause the time when ball is stuck in return or pins are set… Just resume time when rack lifts. Thats how me and my friends do it

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