Strata Hybrid by Track | BowlerX Ball Review with JR Raymond

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11 Comments on “Strata Hybrid by Track | BowlerX Ball Review with JR Raymond”

  1. I have to say, this ball doesn’t look very good. It’s pretty but it looks like it wants to do everything except strike

    1. He’s on burned lanes, I avg 218 on league night, if I go bowling for fun I suck and bowl 150s cause some balls just suck unless it’s fresh, I would wait till he does the fresh review, eh what am I saying Track balls do suck, they always do everything but strike, good 7 or 10 pin balls imo

  2. At first glance it looks like a big step down from the Strata solid…how does the Strata Hybrid compare to the Proof Pearl in your opinion? Would the Hybrid still be a ball up from the pearl Proof?

    1. You usually want the ball to hit the pocket for the highest % of strike chance, usually when the Zenith hits the pocket its strike a high %. That ball doesn’t strike too good if you don’t hit the pocket, so you would want to make sure you stay targeted to hit that spot over and over, try avoiding hitting the 4 and 6 pins on the first shot, it doesn’t like to strike in that region. Stay in the 1-3 area. Good luck

  3. Between this review and the maximum results, looks like your ball speed is up. Something you’re working on, or forced to with the high friction surface?

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