30 Comments on “Storm X Supreme #shorts”

  1. Queue all the ‘old school, back in my day, traditionalists’ to be like “This is trash! We don’t need this in our sport!!” Same type of people that like to pick apart the CP3 Celebrity Bowling because the participants aren’t very good at bowling. Because if there is anything that annoys them more in the sport of bowling is anything new, fun, trendy and/or popular

  2. Biggest L in bowling. Y’all missed out big time with this. Should’ve showed love to actual bowlers instead of house guys. Who buys a 12lb pre drilled bowling ball?

    1. Should have showed love to actual bowlers? Bruh, they have like 20 other high end balls for bowlers to choose from

    2. @Ben Leong they should’ve. Who makes a 12lb pre drilled ball? No real bowler will use this due to the weight and it’s a spare ball. Even belmo voiced his disappointment on Insta

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