Storm | Weather the Storm | EP. 1

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Some things you can only learn in a Storm. This is OUR Story.

We’re asking you, as our fan, to join us on our journey through bowling.

It’s our history. It’s the future.

You’re part of it.

This is Episode 1.

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38 Comments on “Storm | Weather the Storm | EP. 1”

    1. @BriGuyInSi Where did I say you should jump ship? Storm is very reputable company and makes great equipment. What I was suggesting is taking off the fan glasses and understand there is culpability on both sides. There’s no vast conspiracy to run your favorite company out of business so relax it will all work out.

    2. @Remo Evans Spectre aside, PBA mentioned that those 6 affected brands of balls were tested before competitions and all seems okay, just like how USBC didn’t sense anything wrong for so long until one fine day they noticed 6 balls are softer than allowed, without releasing or revealing any data or sort.

    3. @Khoops Again why isn’t Storm objecting? Answer: They agree and know there’s a problem and they are trying to rectify the situation. There’s nothing nefarious going on at Storm or the USBC, no grassy knoll, no silent helicopters. An unfortunate situation with poor timing that is an inconvenience for Storm bowlers, nothing more.

    4. Was handled very poorly by governing body cant start a tourney with certain balls then day 2 cant use and for usbc half way thru event looks terrible need a much better pr person

    5. @Alex Merel The governing body can remove a ball in the middle of competition if it’s deemed non-conforming. Hence the term governing body, you know the ones that establish the rules in the first place.

    1. @Storm Bowling Y’all liking my comment means everything to me! I’ve been a storm fan since I got my first storm ball when I was like 5, it was a spare ball that was blue, forget what it was called, but ever since then, I’ve turned down offers for other balls and stuck with storm, 10/10 best quality of balls out there, at least one for every kind of bowler

  1. In the same way that Storm supports me as a bowler I support and stand behind Storm 100% let’s weather this storm and show everyone what we are really made of!

  2. Storm Bowling ❤️ you made bowling exciting and fun for many of us, let’s get through this together and emerge stronger!

  3. I don’t know the story of the 6 banned balls (for tournament use)….but these same balls were all approved long before this strange twist. I think there is a lot more to it than any big mouth knows.

    1. @Remo Evans nobody knows, they have no option other than cooperate, they are at the mercy of the sanctioning body. What happens behind the scenes is known to only a handful of people…everyone else is just making assumptions

    2. @TPC Cooks Your right, I’m sure it’s a vast USBC conspiracy to drive the number 1 ball company out of business 🙄

  4. Perhaps I would have left that Joel Osteen quote go uncredited, but I’m excited to see what Storm has in store and how Storm will overcome these challenges.

    1. @Alex Merel its a good quote, but if a bad person said something motivational, I’d probably still quote it but just not credit the person

  5. I love Storm I had one of the old HST Teal, loved that ball!! I will weather the Storm forever!!! #StormNation, #weatherthestorm

  6. I throw a 300 Last night in league with a proton physics storm ball..
    all I bowl is Spi Equipment..I stand with Storm

  7. I have used Storm bowling balls since I started bowling (2010-ish). Something about Storm just attracted me to the company and I haven’t looked back. I shot my first ever sanctioned 300 my senior year in HS with a Storm VG Nano. I have some amazing memories with this equipment. Storm/Roto/900 will get through this rough time and will be back and better than ever. I just have a feeling… #StormNation

  8. Whether it was a quality snafu, or mixup on how it was tested, or whatever: You’ve made an armada of quality balls over the years, and you have an army of Storm fans backing you up. Keep your head high, Storm!

    Although, I’d like to give you a better quote to work from: “This Too Shall Pass”

  9. I do love Storm. I just have two 15 lb paper weights with my league not allowing the Phaze 4 and Electrify Solid. The documentary is awesome, but I need replacements ASAP.

  10. Wearing my Storm jersey to league tonight to show my support and stick it to those haters. #StormNation

  11. Ms.Chrisman didn’t lose faith. And neither will I. We’re flying through this gray sky.
    Faithful customer.

  12. Any intelligent bowler realizes this is a USBC problem, not a Storm problem.

    Been buying almost Storm exclusively since the ElNinoXiT. Tried other ball manufacturers, but Storm just makes better equipment overall.

  13. Great products. Great company. Storm does so much to promote bowling as a sport and to promote the future of bowling by supporting youth programs. I’m sure there is more to the story behind the current events that we will learn going forward. #stormnation

  14. I’m not even sponsored by Storm but I never use any other ball line, I just can’t, the others don’t work for me and Storm has done great things for me, I shot a 9 pin 300 when I was 10 with a hyroad and am getting a 14 lb hyroad soon. Also won my first tournament recently with a Belmo Drive. I am devastated about the USBC Decision on the Trend 2 and so many of my bowling friends are also affected. Never give up! We will rise through the storm!
    #StandStrongWithStorm #StormNation

  15. Best products is the business, and no doubt you will make this unfortunate situation right. Excited to see what great products you have coming up and can’t wait to get my hands on them 🙂

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