Storm | Trend 2 – Jason Belmonte

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Jason Belmonte collaborated with Alex Hoskins to make the Trend 2. Tweaking the Piston Core to make the Trend 2 more angular. See the process in action, and learn more about the Trend 2 here - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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27 Comments on “Storm | Trend 2 – Jason Belmonte”

    1. They must have given it another name originally but then bailed on it in favor of “trend 2”

    2. @Patrick Desiato It would have been better for them just to acknowledge the name change instead of censoring it out, makes it too confusing for this video.

  1. Trend is a really good benchmark ball but the only issue I have with it is it’s too smooth in the backend sometimes.
    I mean, I just thought that’s how a benchmark ball should be though.
    Interested to see how this one reacts differently on the lanes.

  2. I don’t blame him for the change to red. He loves the phaze 2. And it works out since it’s finally discontinued 😂

  3. Only if y’all used the pro motion in this video to see the progression from solid to pearl to hybrid…

  4. Reading his lips at 5:40, it seems like it was supposed to be called ‘Roaring Trend’… anyone else see anything else?

    1. I’m guessing he was calling it the roaring trend too. Especially because he made the “pun” about it

  5. When he said “One of my best mates is here…” I seriously thought that Bill O’Neal was going to walk out and this was going to turn into a big reveal, team switch video.

  6. literally the definition of “if thing so good why not make thing 2?”

    this ball looks insane, GG storm

  7. I m just wondering when will Belmo be back bowling again and see him in the majority of all the TV appearances like he used too. Just not the same with him no longer being seen bowling with all the other pro’s that are still out there….I know he just had a new baby, and Australia has very tough covid travel restrictions but i think he has made enough money to buy a second home in the states and finish his career living in the USA. You got around 10 more years of really being at the top of your game belmo, move to the USA and finish your Domination here, then move back to Australia when you retire as the GOAT. Then open the NEW Belmonte lanes of Australia!! If you build it, they will come!!

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