7 Comments on “Storm Trend 2: FINALLY WE TEST IT! by TamerBowling.com”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you throw the ball this well. Hopefully this means you have fully recovered from your injury issues?

    1. I have my ups and downs but some better days of late. I’m hopeful it continues to move in the positive direction.

  2. Now that you’ve tested the Trend 2, which of the current hybrids would you say is a “must have” for versatility?

    1. Hard to say as i don’t think of hybrids vs pearl in that way. How they behave is where they fit in the arsenal regardless of coverstock.

  3. nice video.

    how do you decide how ure going to layout a ball. is it based on specs (rg, diff, int diff, cover stock)? core (asym vs sym)? i’d really like to know. THX

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