Storm | Trend 2 | BELMO | Nano Hybrid Versatility

Chris Beans breaks down the Trend 2, the newest BELMO bowling ball announced from Storm Bowling! Full specs and commentary! URD September 17, 2021!

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9 Comments on “Storm | Trend 2 | BELMO | Nano Hybrid Versatility”

  1. Nice. The small difference in the core numbers will play very little role (according to the USBC ball motion study), so what difference we see will most probably be from the coverstock.

  2. AH another belmo ball that the person it’s named for will not be throwing because it’s don’t say hyroad pearl

  3. It seems like a PhysiX with a weaker symmetrical core. I have a Storm Drive which is similar (R2S nano hybrid) and a symmetrical core too, but more RG and more Diff, so it would be similar but with a stronger cover (NRG > R2S Nano). For Belmo fans a must-have and probably better than the original Trend.

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