Storm Trend 2 Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Best Jason Belmote Bowling Ball Yet!

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The Storm Trend 2 is the latest collaboration between Storm Bowling and Jason Belmonte the worlds best bowler! I have been able to throw all of the Belmo balls including the Timeless, Drive, Pro Motion, Trend and now Trend 2 and I must say this is easily the best one thus far!

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16 Comments on “Storm Trend 2 Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Best Jason Belmote Bowling Ball Yet!”

  1. Great bowling Luis. You made that ball look great. To bad it’s not league night you would have a nice high 800.

    1. Thanks Mike! I threw it in league a little on Thursday and on the fresh it was a little boomer but once I went to it I struck like 14 outta 15 or something like that

    1. Vs the original Trend? The trend is WAY more angular than the Velocity. The Velocity is a much rounder shape off the friction than the Trend but I think the Velocity is the stronger ball

  2. I’ve never been a fan of Belmo. I wish Storm would have done some Pete Weber bowling balls. He’s been with Storm since the beginning, and dug bowing outta its grave at one point.

    1. How come?? He does soooo much for the Sport of bowling! I think eventually more players will get their own line of balls but I really believe Belmo is more than deserving of a line of balls

  3. I have no words for what I just watched… WOW THAT BALL IS GOOD! I’ve heard that this ball is very user friendly and that it will shape for almost anyone because it likes the oil and the friction but wow oh wow did that look amazing! Good job Belmo and nice throwing… that’s gotta be the first video you’ve thrown the front 16… just unreal… WOW!!!

    1. Front 19!! LOL But yes this ball seems VERY user friendly! I really can’t wait to knock the shine off it to see!

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