Storm The Road Bowling Ball Review! BEST Road Series Ball To Date!

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Today we are reviewing the all new Storm The Road Which IMO is the best road series ball to date!

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32 Comments on “Storm The Road Bowling Ball Review! BEST Road Series Ball To Date!”

  1. The coloring on that ball gives me major Storm El Nino X-IT vibes. And I’m sure I just outed my age with that comment.

    1. Yea you did haha but it’s okay! Me being a life long Miami Heat fan these colors really do it for me

  2. This will fit perfect in my bag. Currently i have a Motiv Supra Rally, Hustle M&M, Black Venom, and Match Up Black. The ROAD will be a good addition to add for house shots and even tournaments. I believe this ball is Symmetrical Hybrid, correct? Thanks for the video review

  3. Glad I found your channel! Your roll is really similar to what I’m trying to get to. There are so many high hook bowlers out there, but I like to play a lot more in front of myself, and more right, then gradually move left. This ball is looking great! I’ve been using the Hustle USA (finding it’s perfect for game 3-5), and looking for a recommendation for a super fresh lane – any thoughts?

  4. Interesting comment from Stu on the Journey. I drilled one and got rid of it, because even when shiny it felt like it kept trying to grab in the front part of the lane and puked down lane. The only time it looked good for me was when I put out a couple patterns that had juiced fronts.

    Sam’s Town shots made The Road look really good

    1. Belmo always made his ball better for sport than house shots. Thats why you rarely saw his first few balls on tour, now it seems like everyone is throwing Belmo balls

    1. Because ultimately it doesn’t matter. Where I’m standing doesn’t reflect where you will be standing with this ball

  5. It looks like the ball I’ve wanted: A slightly earlier and more continuous Hy Road. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  6. This needs to be compared to the Xponent solid. They seem to be reading in roughly the same spot. Revanant as well

  7. this is gonna sound nuts but it reminds me of a combination of the best attributes from the HyRoad, HyRoad Pear, HyRoad Max/Nano and the NightRoad but with way more pop. I think I am gonna need to buy a few of these.

  8. Like the two center bowling ball test. Different centers, different results. Happy Birthday Oliver!!!

  9. One of the 16 bowling balls that I own is a Hy-Road and I swore was not going to buy any more bowling balls for a long while… I must resist, but The Road looks amazing. It’s going to be tough not to get the urge to buy it right now, LOL! Yes, I like the dual bowling centers with different lane conditions. Thanks for the video and keep up the great work!

  10. I loved when Luke rosdahl would film at 2 different centers because they were different lane material. Same with Sam’s town and south point, different lane surface makes a completely different reaction. Makes the video easier to relate to when you bowl on both imo.

  11. I am thinking about The Road, Attention Star, or Xponent Pearl as a league step down from my Sublime. Which one would you choose?

  12. The original Hy-Road was one of the worst balls I have ever owned. After struggling with it for months it went straight into the dumpster. I have rarely hated a ball more.

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