1. The nex coverstock was a tricky one for me. Was nice smooth arc when i first had my axiom. Got it resurfaced and then cleaned and it wasnt that dull anymore but the backend had gotten insane. Felt like 2 different bowling balls. Kind of a once it shines, leave it as is coverstock for me until it no longer performs well.

  2. this ball will definitely replace the proton physix once it comes stateside and i bet it’ll be better than it 😀

    altho i’m not a fan of the color scheme, the reaction is 🤌

  3. I think its coming to US. You wouldn’t use a great name like supernova and not bring it to the states.

  4. I really hope this is a US release! I love the NEX Solid Coverstock and to pair that with the Nova just go ahead and take my money haha!

  5. Cool video talk tech bowling ball storm super nova with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

  6. I heard rumours that this is what is going to replace the Proton eventually. I can definitely see this coming stateside. That’s a tall order if this ends up being true, considering how good of a ball the Proton is. I’ll definitely be snagging another one before it gets discontinued.

  7. It will come stateside. It just wont be called the Super Nova yet, but the Nova Solid. I could maybe see a Super Nova coming out later on after the ball has run its course overseas. Since the original Nova is a hybrid; most likely they will release a solid and pearl version before stepping up the Nova line using a stronger cover and calling it Super Nova. The Nova uses R2X which still isnt anywhere close to the top of the coverstock strength chart as there are 17 more coverstocks above R2X. So there is still plenty of room to strengthen the Nova line.

  8. Sorry guys I don’t think it will be released in the states, but does it need to be? RG 2.49, differential .052, mass bias .019 can anyone tell me what ball has them exact numbers? Storm Nova is the exact same ball with a little different surface. The cores are the same just the cover stock is just slightly different hybrid reactive to solid reactive. So it’s the same ball 😂

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