Storm Super Nova Vs Storm Nova! The Cover Completely Changes This Cores Ball Reaction!

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Same core yet two completely different bowling balls and different reactions!

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42 Comments on “Storm Super Nova Vs Storm Nova! The Cover Completely Changes This Cores Ball Reaction!”

  1. i’ve never seen lanes transition so fast .. imagine 4-5 man teams in league .. be lofting gutter cap frame 5 of first game

    1. @stormb28 He is rolling it bad right now and today was rolling it super slow, in all his videos he moves in way to fast and to do so he has to slow the ball way down

  2. First time I’m going to really disagree with you on the ball reaction. The Super looks way stronger downlane and the Nova might be a bit cleaner up front but its way slower downlane which is why it looks 2-3 weaker then the Super. The cover on Super is really strong but I think it lets the core play more and that is why it has much more shape then the original.

  3. Man, both these balls are amazing. The big differentiator seems to be what the bowler needs
    Great vid as always, Luis!

  4. It was very clear Lou that both of these balls have very similar movement characteristics.
    The stronger cover on the Super Nova makes it earlier, more rolly and forward with more backend control while the Nova has a touch more backend and can handle a drier condition.
    Both balls perfectly compliment each other. The Nova will likely be a much more effective ball on house shots while the Super is best kept for sport shots.
    My Doubles partner has a Nova. He is speed dominant with a lower rev rate and basically plays it down and in from the right. He can get his Nova to hold pocket really well on misses left because it is such a smooth ball. He can put up some very high scores with it!

  5. The super nova burned up early with not enough volume of oil made for higher volumes of oil. Nova cleaner and is reacting to friction better than the super nova. Need a comparison on a long pattern with higher volume of oil to show true difference.

  6. I’m still going to say these are different layouts. The distance the MB/PSA is always consistency from the pin no matter what the cg is. The PSA/MB and Pin locations are always going to be in the same place ball to ball unless they are drilled for different PAP. The Nova will be straighter off the end of the pattern based on the different layouts.

  7. Me and my Nova never got along well (it just wouldn’t carry for a strike). Yesterday I had it plugged and drilled for my wife, looked good for her today. I replaced it with the Zen Soul, because I didn’t trust the Nova name anymore. Your Super Nova did look better than the Nova IMO.

  8. Lol. Your “bad” game looks like my “good” game. But, yeah, I can’t see a place for this ball in my current arsenal. Between the Gem and the Idol Cosmos, I have what I need to transition from game one to game two and remain into game three. Now, if there was something between the Gem and the Idol Cosmos, then I’d reconsider.

  9. The lane looks like it has a bunch of carrydown, with the way both are starting to change direction just past the arrows

  10. Hey Lou, did you ever talk about when/why you switched back to Dexters? I remember the video about those Orange 3Gs, and you were wearing them for a while, curious what happened.

  11. The super nova is good!!! I have had some time to throw it now and wow. The difference in cover strength from r2s hybrid to nex solid is crazy. Same shape, just weaker. These are the best one, two punch bowling balls that I have seen in a while.

  12. To be fair, from what I’ve seen. The Nova hasn’t really been that great of a ball. In my legaues I never see anyone throwing a Nova. One of my teammates got one, and she rarely throws it because it’s almost never in play. That R2X does not mix with the Ignition core IMO

  13. The Nova is in my opinion probably the most underwhelming and inconsistent ball I’ve ever used from storm. Being a Tournament bowler it never sees the spot on any condition and rarely ever hooks in the right areas either, but on house shot I pretty much have infinite miss room and can swing the whole lane and somehow hit some-what pocket. To me that’s not the best reaction and I’m not really excited for the super nova, but you throw it very well and make it look very good and usable Luis

  14. Same results I get with my Nova and why I cant throw it. If I’m to far right it hits the friction and goes, I move in and it just doesn’t turn the corner consistently it’s been a frustrating ball and has been disappointing as it’s hard to pay so much for a Ball and its basically a anchor in your bad. Definitely think I’m staying far away from the Super Nova as well. Great Review!

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