Storm Super Nova Part 1 | Tweener’s Take vs Storm Proton Physix by

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We are doing this a little differently this time, giving you a little more time with each tester. This test is yours truly reviewing the Storm Super Nova, the latest Strong Asym from Storm. But is it as good as the Proton Physix?? - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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16 Comments on “Storm Super Nova Part 1 | Tweener’s Take vs Storm Proton Physix by”

    1. Yeah it’s kind of interesting for me and pretty different than for Bryan and Tyler. You can see it in the overlay of the proton and super how much earlier and slower downlane for me. Definitely slides it into a control shape for me but it did carry extremely well!

  1. The Ignition core just seems to roll better for those that have higher tilt with how early it revs up and the shape it provides.

    I even thought the same thing watching videos of the overseas Gate series in prior years. I think this is why it looked the best for Bryan

    1. This an important point. Surface can make significant changes in where a ball fits in your bag. More often than not people miss this.

  2. Kinda reminds me of the Super Soniq – blows its load and has no downlane game.

    I’m not real sure I agree with their choice of NeX on this one. The OG was a nice middle of the road asym, nowhere in the same ballpark as a Proton. A solid Nova should be something like the Rubicon, at least on paper.

  3. I gotta be honest, almost everything I’ve seen so far about the Super Nova is making me want to snag another Proton. Ball just burns up and looks so lazy down lane. It’s giving me Gem vibes, which was one of the most deflecting balls I’ve ever thrown in my life. The Proton I can play straighter, or swing the entire lane and it still holds energy and drives through the deck. Replacing The Proton with this would be a disappointment.

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