Storm Summit & Storm Absolute Make For A Great One Two Punch!

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Today we are comparing the newest hybrid bowling balls from Storm the Summit and Absolute!

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26 Comments on “Storm Summit & Storm Absolute Make For A Great One Two Punch!”

  1. They BOTH look good …. but I would lean towards the Absolute …. thinking for MOST league conditions ( most places ARE NOT a South Point or a SAM’S TOWN, if you know what I’m sayin’ ) the Absolute would be better. For sure, IF you decided to start in the Summit on the “fresh” ( whatever that means around the country) in most houses , you’ll be transitioning to the Absolute rather quickly.

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball storm summit bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

  3. Great video Lou, the summit gives you that big ball above the absolute, the absolute is better when there’s defined friction

  4. Luis I think the Absolute looked better for you. The Summit seemed to roll forward off the end of the pattern.

  5. @Chris_Stones That first Absolute Strike was really light and then you didn’t make an adjustment to the right to decrease your angle… and again went light… was that to show the balls limitations or just bad shots? Because with your revs that ball should get up the hill… I am curious as to YOUR layout of the ball… is that pin down or pin up… 5 or 4 in pin 2 pap?

    1. Well I’m not a pro or a machine so I do miss quite often, more than Luis for sure. The only thing that saves my game is raw power and luck lol. I’m not a huge fan of the absolute from throwing it a number of times now. The pin is up but I’m not really sure on the pin to pap since it is Luis’ ball.

    2. @Chris Stones Oh… I thought that was your ball… sorry… that could explain the different ball reaction off the spot. Thansk for the replay brother… see ya on the next one… maybe get Louis to drill you up one too next time… with all that coolwick shirt sale money he’s raking in lol.

    3. @Chris Stones also, I am not a huge fan of the absolute either. If I want a ball to blend it out more… I use the Widow Hybrid 2.0… basically anything with HK22… I love.

      whats your thoughts on those hk22 covers?

    4. @The Real Honest Raider I have never thrown one but after watching a 2 hander from league roll the hybrid, I want one!! I have a Summit coming soon though so I’ll roll that for a bit

    5. @Chris Stones Ask Hutch… that Hybrid 2.0 Widow is nutty good. The summit looks like a nice on the fresh selection… Im sure you will enjoy that one for sure. Thanks for the reply

  6. Luis, I ordered the Summit and can’t wait to throw it. My question is I also bought the Duo as a step down from the Exotic Gem so where from the three would the Absolute fit ? I am a lower rev and and speed bowler

  7. Each time I’ve tried the absolute at a Matchmaker event, I just don’t like it. Even on house shots with the weak demo layout, I could never get a consistent reaction. Also, never had any miss room in these cases.

  8. Summit hooks hard and early…. absolute barely hooks and grabs…easy to gutter… absolute rolls straight then hooks…summit I go way left…offers a massive hook

  9. What about the Zen Soul and the Summit. They seem to have the same amount of pearl to solid ratio

  10. Thanks for all of the great content you are producing. How about a Summit vs DNA review? Although sym vs asym, they both claim to be the strongest balls in the lineup.

  11. I am a month late, but I recently got my storm absolute and really haven’t been liking the reacta gloss. Would it be good enough if I resurfaced it to 1500?

  12. I’ve been waiting for another R2S hybrid cover ever since the Code Red that I loved so much, I think I’m going to give that Absolute a try.

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