Storm Summit Peak vs Summit! In Depth Comparison!

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In depth comparison between the Storm Summit Peak and Storm Summit!

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5 Comments on “Storm Summit Peak vs Summit! In Depth Comparison!”

  1. I still love my Summit. Now Ive been bowling and carrying 215-220 for 20 plus years now. Im getting older too. I don’t have the bankroll to buy endless bowling balls either. I maybe buy one every couple years.

    The Summit may be one of my favorite balls since my old Vertigo in the 2000’s. Im carrying 225 with it and its my only ball and I bowl one night a week. Not sure I would spend the cash to upgrade to a peak but that thing really pops

  2. I have both the Summit and Summit Peak …. pretty much what Lou says fits …. throw the Summit on the fresh … and then stay on top of the transition with the Summit Peak. Now … here’s the rub … WILL Storm bring out a Summit Solid ? If you all remember …. we got the Nova Hybrid first … then caame the Nova Solid …. still waiting for that Nova Pearl …. In a related matter …. we have the DNA …. and I’ve heard rumors that the DNA Coil (Pearl) will be coming stateside in March ….. we’ll see. If you want to see the DNA Coil in action look up the Belmo / Daria challenge match they had in Korea here on You Tube … they used the DNA Coil

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