1. The color of the Axiom, to me, didn’t help in terms of shelf appeal. Great ball, but bland looks.

  1. Jesus, those RG and Diff numbers make it stronger than a Gem without a Mass Bias *and across 14 to 16 pounds!*

    1. Core only accounts for a quarter of ball motion. The cover, hopefully, won’t be anywhere near as strong as microtrax

    2. I’m fairly new to bowling. From the “outside” looking in, this ball is not great looking. Like, compared to a majority of Storm balls

  2. The tx-16 has a nano load in it, so I wonder how this thing is gonna respond to friction. Those numbers say super early but the phaze is pretty responsive anyway

  3. This sounds more fitting…
    “All proceeds from these jerseys will be donated to the local pro shops so those butthurt Swag guys can get a real ball instead of the hot garbage they’ve been throwing”

  4. This is going to be closer to the TNT or idol Helios than the phaze ii. Maybe good, probably not.

    Good to see spi finally catching up to Brunswick with the enhanced outer core though. We’ll see if it’s as good as dynamicore

  5. Would this be a good fit for my arsenal if I mostly bowl on burnt house shots and some sport shots? My arsenal is (strength from strongest to weakest + urethane): Zen Master, Marvel Pearl, OG Hy Road, Zen U.

    Edit: or would the Infinite Physics be good? If that is discontinued, I’ll find one.

    1. This bowl seems to react early. Made for heavy oil, I wouldn’t get it if I were bowling on burnt lanes.

  6. I have an overseas Marvel Maxx Tour w NeX hybrid, love it! This looks like it will be similar. I have a phaze 2 but at my home lanes it was alil to smooth/slow for me as a speed dom bowler. The nex hybrid at 3000 gives e my most verstile ball by far. My benchmark ball, if it skids to far (rarely) I ball up to S Nova, and if its to early I ball down to iQ nano Prl or Fate. Gona stock atleast 1 these for when my Marvel starts to die or cracks.

  7. I loved the Marvel Pearl, so this has me intrigued, but honestly I don’t really need more strong stuff, if anything I need something weak for light oil.

  8. Love the logo, and colors. I have the Axiom Solid and Axiom Pearl and I love them. I’m in the market for an Asym. Pearl, so i was kind of hoping this would be that. But I’m sure SPI will release 3 more Asym. Pearls between now and October.

  9. BEANS!!! On the spot yet again! Tale of two balls for sure! Hoping to see this in action (as a sneak peek) from Expo!

  10. This ball looks absolutely amazing! What sticks out the most to me is the TX-23 hybrid cover! Very clearly seems like an upgraded TX-16 cover. TX-16 was only used in the phaze 2; for all I know that’s what made it so special and versatile.

  11. That’ll be my birthday present for me 😊. My birthday is the 24th and that ball looks phenomenally GOOD!! The fragrance though, ohhh weee, it’s can already smell it. I betchya, someone already said it though, it’s definitely going to be a competition between the Gem and the Summit which ball is stronger. I’d like see a comparison between the two. And I throw between the 1st and 2nd arrow on the right side.

  12. Does everyone like symmetrical? Im still feeling my way through what i like better. The numbers are strong for a symmetrical but wondering if i should stay with assymetrical for the most strength and power i can get with just average rev.

  13. I was looking to get the absolute but may wait to get this one if it is like the phaze 2 but a hybrid will get this and will be off to the races

  14. It is Axiomatic that the PII is hard to beat. What I remember about the Soniq releases was that the pearl one wasn’t very well liked and the Super was liked less. Fingers crossed, the hit/dud ratio of Utah releases is pretty good so,,,

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