Storm Summit Ball Review! This Bowling Ball Is Strong AND Versatile!

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Today we are reviewing the all new Storm Summit! This bowling ball is pretty unique in the sense that it is strong AND versatile which is something we don't normally see in balls!

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46 Comments on “Storm Summit Ball Review! This Bowling Ball Is Strong AND Versatile!”

  1. Could you look into doing a comparison to the absolute and revenant? I’d be curious to see where it fits with those two

  2. Would love to see it compared to both the Phaze II & the Zen – two of the absolute GOATs

    1. ​@Luis Napolesmaybe throw in the Zen Soul, since they’re both hybrids. A comparison with all 3, would be cool.

    1. @R B I know that, but new people might not, so it is a good visual comparison and discussion point.

    2. @joker3dx the problem is that it’s not always visual on house shots if you don’t have an understanding of ball motion

    3. @R B Yep, totally get that too. Luis has shot on challenge shots before. I recently got back into bowling after a decade off and these were all things I didn’t understand and made incorrect purchases because of.

  3. Would love to see a DNA, DUO, Summit. I am looking for a strong symmetrical to go with my Absolute and DNA.

  4. I just bought a 900 global- eternity 2 days ago and have been loving it!

    I am interested in preordering this ball because I feel for my play style the eternity skids too far and hooks later on the backend because I’m a lower rev player and I’m looking for something that reads the lanes early and hooks a little sooner.. I’m hoping this summit with the stronger DIF and lower RG will be more aggressive on the backend and be more angular and not so smooth.

    1. @Luis Napoles thank you Mr. Luis all I needed to know! I love my eternity but I’m definitely looking for something that hooks a bit earlier! Thank you..

    2. You can always put some surface on the eternity if it is skidding too far. I’m assuming it’s not going through the pins and going a little flat based on your scenario. My eternity works great right after the phaze II because I can play a similar line when the lanes transition

    3. @Robert Mantey ok thank you! The first day I bowled with the ball I was immediately thinking about surfacing it.. but didn’t know what to say or how to approach my proshop.. I don’t want them to just put any surface they think would work because someone like you or Luis may have another opinion on the grit

  5. Nice info. Definitely looks more of a tourny ball for a lot of us but still nice to see sym stuff still evolve in this area.
    Really looking forward to you and Chris playing with the new Hustles!

    1. Oh…and did we ever get a video on the ‘new’ shoes? Guessing there may be something with your sponsor contracts stopping that but with how you did the 3g vid…be nice to hear what made you go with these instead.

    2. Last part…I think it would be interesting to see this against a Zen Soul with the same surfaces. (since it sounds like you may play with the surface on this…bonus if they match for the comparison)

  6. TX-23 is the updated version of the TX-16 cover on the phaze ii. Would love to see how the two compare. Stronger core and newer cover formula on the summit vs the weaker core and older cover, plus hybrid vs solid.

  7. I know it’s not going to happen but I would love to see it surfaced to 1000 and compared to Jackal Ambush!

  8. Had to watch the video again… Luis, you lowered your back swing and your timing is awesome! I see your game improvements!

  9. I would love to see a comparison of the Summit in weights 14, 15 and 16#. Since this is a ball that Storm says the RG and Diff are identical in those weights, does the difference in poundage make any difference?

  10. This is Storm’s version of the Track Stealth and Stealth Pearl, which is releasing soon. All of these balls will be awesome. The Storm ball may work for both of the Track balls, leading to one more ball space in the bag. The Track Stealth solid does well at either “stable” or 1500 grit, so the Summit may be similar. And like the Summit, the Stealth does not lane shine very quickly. If I didn’t have a Stealth, I’d buy a Summit.

  11. I would say the Storm Summit compared to the Zen Soul since they are both symmetrical hybrids and very close in numbers.

  12. I think the reality is a good comparison. I love throwing mine when I can really move in and make it hook on some friction. I can stand at like 35-37 and throw it 15-20 at the arrows and know it’ll strike all day.

  13. Ooh!!! Finally!!! A new ball with the same base formula in the coverstock as the Phaze II. TX-23 (Traction Control -2023)

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one… 🤩😊 💯👍

  14. I have a big boy ball in the Nova. And I like a new ball that’s works similar to how I like the Nova, which is a strong pin down. And I believe I might have found one in the Summit.

  15. I almost got the absolute but now I may pick this one up to have a one two punch with my phaze 2 I really value your opinion on bowling balls and who you think the balls will be best suited for as always another great video keep up the great work have a blessed day today and always

  16. Got to try the summit this weekend at a Storm Matchmaker. This ball is nasty good. 2H, 14mph at the pins, med high rev. THS, started on the fresh.

    Was Freshly drilled, 1st time thrown. Used as 1st ball I tried. Started right, 10@arrows and moved left to 15@arrows. Definitely a great ball could play it anywhere.

    Tried the other available balls and went back to the Summit after an hour or so. Had some lane shine. Start at the same spot and kept moving left to see how it was across the lane. Ended at 35 at approach and 18-20 at arrows.

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