Storm Summit and Roto Grip Duo Have More In Common Than Meets The Eye!

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Comparing the all new Storm Summit with a newer bowling ball the Roto Grip Duo!

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34 Comments on “Storm Summit and Roto Grip Duo Have More In Common Than Meets The Eye!”

  1. I think the Summit could work great. Me and Eternity haven’t matched up good at all so I’m going to experiment with layout changes on the ball. Summit could be what I need.

    1. I also have the eternity and am looking to add the summit to my arsenal! Been watching a ton of videos on this ball and it looks earlier, and smoother than the eternity and as a low rev player I’m looking for something that reads the lands earlier and isn’t as angular so I’m hoping that symmetrical core makes up for the high DIF.

    2. Have you played with the surface of the Eternity? I tried it with polish and without, and it’s been so good with a 3000 surface.

      It’s super controllable for me, but somehow doesn’t lose that recovery when it needs to come back from a bad shot.

    3. @Omar Hussain thank you for information, I’ll have to surface mine next time I’m out.. I’m still using the reacta gloss out of box finish but for a while have been thinking about hitting it with some surface

    4. @Omar Hussain I’ve tried surface next is layout. I don’t mind filling and drilling it a few times

  2. They look great! What Luke pointed out in his review with the Summit is that the numbers don’t change 14-16 lbs. I just got the Duo and I love it! Can’t wait for the Summit!

  3. Me: “I should get back to work”
    Also me: “…a new Luis Napoles ball video just dropped 🥶 “

  4. I said it in the prior video… The Summit looks sooooo good for Chris’s game. If I were him, I’d buy a case of them and drill a few different layout/surface combinations.

  5. I was not expecting this duo vs summit video! They seem like two complete different balls.. I seen the duo being later and more angular than the summit.. and with Chris throwing that thing he makes the summit look amazing 💯🤣

    1. The summit is the first ball in a long time that I actually like to where I know 100% I want this ball

    2. @Chris Stones I know June 23rd I’ll definitely be picking mine up! 🤣 I’m already convinced 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. I really liked this video. Especially when you mentioned that this could be a good one two punch although I don’t have your rev rate or speed being 74 years old. Trying to figure out what I need for the winter house league. 👍👍

  7. A little side note. I upgraded my solid asymmetrical equipment to the DNA and right out of the box I shot 277, 228, 203 for 708. I’ve shot 700s but never right out of the box. I know it’s not impressive but I was loving the ball motion from the DNA. Just wow!

  8. I was fortunate enough to throw a Summit at a demo day last weekend. Out of the nine different balls i threw(including the Duo), the Summit was by far the best. Already ordered mine

  9. Anyone know of a video where the duo is compared to the eternity? I know the eternity is an assymetrical, but still.

  10. Great video…..the first bowler, I noticed it seems like your timing my be a little early, it seems like you’re not able to get a lot on the ball….maybe try hesitating your push away a half step later, you want your back swing at its peak when you go into your slide…and it will allow you to get more revs and allow you to throw it cleaner….the second bowler, your thumb has got to be killing you after a few games, that “pop” sound you hear when you release it makes me think you may want to reverse pitch your thumb drilling a bit, it may allow you to get out smoother and cleaner….my local pro worked with me about fifteen years ago and for me, that little bit of reverse pitch allows me to get out clean and I don’t think I’ve ever had a thumb blister or sore since. Keep up the good work guys!

    1. Nope my thumb has never hurt me once. It’s tight for a reason. That way I can relax everything on my downswing and not grip the ball hard. Thanks for the opinion though

  11. I just got the Summit and added polish to it (4000 then CTD polish) and I love it! This ball is amazing.

  12. Something odd about that ball motion on the Summit. Reminds me of the older urethane balls that picked up early and ran out of steam. Time for me to watch the phaze2/summit video.

  13. I have the Duo and I love it! 3rd game out of the box, shot a 299. I am looking at the Summit as my 1st ball and then dropping to the Duo.

  14. I am looking for a ball to pair with the dark web. Would the duo be a good next ball out the bag when the lanes break down a little?

  15. So I just picked up a Summit today Luis! Summit into Duo is a BANGER of a 1-2 punch. I really enjoyed using them both tonight. After just 1 night, I can already tell the Summit is the real deal.

  16. So would having both the duo and the summit be a good combo also I have the storm infinite physix and also iq tour solid I want to move up to 15 how much different is 14 and 15 in these balls?

  17. Great video guys! I currently have a Duo and a Phaze 2, with a Pitch Black as my spare ball. Looking to get a Summit for the fresh since it has a similar shape, just stronger. Also looking to add a Hustle M-M as a step down for the burn.

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