7 Comments on “Storm Summit – 2 Testers vs Phaze II Bowling Ball Review”

  1. I never thought this ball had anything special going for it.. Let’s hope that the new OptiTrax is a good cover. “Based on years of testing and research, we found this direction of coverstock chemistry provides a more balanced oil displacement/absorption throughout the entire lane thus creating more consistency/predictability shot after shot in terms of skid distance, midlane traction, and response to friction down lane.”
    But I think HK-22 is stealing the show for now.

    1. Hoping OptiTrax will be really good. Schlem said there is 0 nano in it, so it’s a stronger version of eTrax essentially

  2. Ball speed is huge on any bowling ball I’d say medium speed with lots of hook would work perfect

  3. I rolled the ball yesterday new OOB. It was garbage. Hopefully a surface reset helps it but thankfully I had a set of beasts being the Zen and Exotic Gem to salvage my tournament.

  4. I walk back my earlier comment. The darn ball is release sensitive. Adjust the surface. Idk what’s up at the Storm factory.

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