Storm Spectre vs Storm Hy-Road Pearl | Really Starting To Figure Out My Game! We Got DEEP!!

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This is a comparison between the all new Storm Spectre and the Storm Hy-Road Pearl! This is probably some of the best bowling I have done maybe EVER so enjoy!

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8 Comments on “Storm Spectre vs Storm Hy-Road Pearl | Really Starting To Figure Out My Game! We Got DEEP!!”

  1. Could you please compare side by side the Hustle Camo and the IQ Tour solid. I’ve been starting with the Camo in league play and it works great but as the night progresses we get a ton of carry down plus the right side gets burned up. I try and move left but then it’s not enough ball and wont quite make it back with good carry. Wouldn’t the IQ Tour solid be strong enough to make it back?

  2. We’ll still refer to you as “Global Lou” lol. glad you’re doing this because I’m debating rather I need this because I already throw the OG Hy-road in league.

  3. It’s going to be hard to make this your full time job. I don’t even think Luke can live off his videos he makes

  4. I have the Hy-Road Pearl. Watching this video made it a easy decision to have both balls in my bag. I enjoyed this video very much keep putting the hard in. Your videos made me become a better bowler.

  5. Why do you muscle your entire back swing? And have such late timing. You finished your slide and the ball is still at the top of the swing. Just makes me wonder…alot

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