Chris Beans shares the update from STORM bowling on how to replace existing new or drilled STORM SPECTRE bowling balls! Drilling fee contribution, process explained and more!

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  1. Storm needs to fight this, or USBC will do this to a lot of other, manufactures. (Hammer now Storm who else is next?)

    1. @David Hensel Duh. You’re missing the point. The ball wasn’t illegal because it was approved. The idea that, after approval, +98% of the balls made were illegal just doesn’t seem probable.

    2. @Jason P Well hate to break it to you but the fact is USBC did spot checks of production balls after the initial test balls and something was different. So it’s illegal now.

  2. This is not acceptable. I don’t want another ball. I want the ball I bought.
    Not offering money back means they’re NOT taking care of us. It is NOT our fault that the ball got banned. Fix that, get the ball reinstated, or give us a refund.

    1. @Jason P You are entitled to your opinion, and may I add the word “entitled” fits you very nicely right now.

      Addressing your points:
      1) The ball is not “useless.” It didn’t stop being a bowling ball just because the USBC said you couldn’t use it in competition. You can use it in any competition not sanctioned by the USBC. You can use it for–wait for it–practice.
      2) You wanted a Spectre? You’ve got your Spectre. They’re not taking it away from you just because they’re offering you another ball FOR FREE because THEY messed up. With all that being said, if you don’t want to take advantage of their offer, don’t. No one is forcing you to do so. That’s _your_ choice.
      3) As I mentioned before, the recertification that would magically change the Spectre you own from “illegal” to “legal” is not going to happen. Let me repeat: IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. You say want a certificate for a new ball, but you are actively rejecting the offer they are extended _BEFORE_ you even know what balls they are offering. Yes, they could absolutely make another Spectre…and you can buy it just like you did the first one.

      Understand…I have no dog in this hunt. I don’t own any Storm balls because I prefer Hammer. This situation is not going to make me avoid Storm in the future. On the contrary, their response has increased my respect for this company, because they are actively trying to minimize the impact to their customers. I’ve been bowling for over 40 years, and I have *never* seen a company use an approach like this in response to a newly-released ball being banned from competition. You are correct in one area, though…this is THEIR problem, and they are actively trying to fix it. I would understand your frustration if the balls they were offering were not of a similar competitive quality, but you didn’t even wait to find out what those balls were before you starting bitching about them not doing enough. If you want to know what small-minded really looks like, look at the comment I’m replying to.

    2. @David Rumbold A refund option? O.K. The company is going to refund you the cost they charge to the distributor, not the retail cost. Would you prefer that?

    3. @Neil Truick Geez, man. Do you even read what you write before you post??
      You’re saying I am entitled because I’m upset that a ball that I spent $200 on is now USELESS and I am forced to exchange it for a ball I don’t want?? Explain how that would work in any other scenario. You buy a thing, it is defective, and you want another, but the place where you got it says you have to get something else.
      Let me make something clear since you are having trouble understanding. I DON’T WANT ANOTHER STORM BALL.
      Also, I only bowl in sanctioned leaguestournaments. Please tell me how the ball isn’t useless. I. CAN’T. USE. IT. IN. COMPETITION. It has no use. That’s the f’n definition of useless. Why the hell would I practice with a ball that can’t be used in competition??
      All your nonsense points are made clear in your last paragraph. Something tells me that you would feel differently if you spent money on something and can’t use it.

  3. Thank you, Storm. This is the right way to do a recall. I wonder if the 7 options will be all Storm or will include and Roto Grip of Global 900 products as they’re all the same company.

    1. @David Hensel How is that possible when the USBC has no input or regulates what products any company issues? The USBC just approves them for sanctioned play or chooses not to. The USBC has nothing to do with the recall or getting new balls to consumers. Those were entirely Storm’s decisions made to keep a good standing and reputation with the industry after the banning of the ball they thought was acceptable. Storm could have just as easily said ‘Sorry, guys. You can’t use that one in sanctioned play.’, kept producing it, and that been the end of it.

  4. Absolutely a fan of this decision. Basically get a free ball aswell as a future collectors item. I wonder if storm is going to fight this because as they said they tested their spectres again and still found that their balls met the hardness requirements. It makes me wonder who is right or wrong here…

    1. If your ball isn’t drilled, you didn’t pay to have it drilled yet, so why would they reimburse you for something you haven’t paid for yet?

    2. The video clearly stated that you would get a new ball after verifying that you have purchased a Spectre and NOT had it drilled. IF you had it drilled and the photos supported that claim, then you would receive a voucher for drilling with your new ball. Pretty simple English words.

    3. @IRON-PANDA geez, grumpy much? It was a simple question that was asked. The video CLEARLY STATED that this email was sent out to pro shop operators. So pro shops would send the balls in their inventory back to the distributor. As for people who may have bought this ball from an online retailer like bowlersmart, and you if fall in this category Juan, your best bet may be to contact who you bought the ball from and they may be able to help you further.

    4. No where does the video say what to do with an undrilled ball if you are a consumer. It tells pro shops to return them to the distributor and they will deal with distributors for the undrilled balls.

  5. Really cool that storm isn’t asking for the spectre back. Maybe there is a process or possibility that this ball gets reinstated. I only hope that there is a similar ball to the spectre on the list that storm will release. This was a ball that was meant to fit a gap in my arsenal.

    1. Even if the ball gets “reinstated”, you still won’t be able to use that ball. A serial number check will be all that is needed to verify eligibility.

    2. @Neil Truick why wouldn’t I be able to use that ball if it were to be approved again down the road?

    3. @Victor Cortez If I measure a ball on Friday and it doesn’t pass, why would I then measure _the same ball_ on Monday to see if it will pass?

    4. @Neil Truick my ball hasn’t been tested. And storm stated that their tests show and confirm the spectre meets all usbc requirements

  6. I don’t throw Storm, but I visited their factory in Brigham City, UT. I lived 30 minutes from there. They are great people, with a group of workers (many have been there a long time) that you can tell LOVE their jobs. They take great pride in their work, and all took time to show me what they do. A great American company. Maybe I should start throwing Storm.

  7. Storm is going to take over the industry as a result of how they replaced a faulty ball. RIP Brunswick.


    1. This is mandatory by USBC regulation and every manufacturer that sells illegal balls is required to replace the ball and pay for drilling. This isn’t Storm specific, it’s USBC rules specific.

    2. @David Hensel well this is above and beyond for Storm. They are going to end up on top after this. Another reason why I’ve bowled mostly with storm since the ElNino XiT.

  8. This “amazing replacement process” is mandatory by USBC regulation and every manufacturer that sells illegal balls is required to replace the ball and pay for drilling. This isn’t Storm specific, it’s USBC rules specific.

  9. PRETTY SMART ON Storms part to let folks keep the ball!! Think alone of just the shipping costs back to Storm HQ then the Replacement ball shipping to customers!! Storm should also pay for the Grips for the New balls as well. By Storm letting folks keep the balls they don’t have to pay to disposal for those Spectre ball returned!!

  10. Kudos to Storm!!! That’s how you keep and win customers (even though I dont blame them in the first place).

  11. Bravo Storm, this is why I’ll always be loyal to Storm and throw mostly Storm equipment! Glad I can get my Spectre replaced

  12. Storm may have gotten a little sneaky with changing the ball in the process and got caught! If they did that or not, only storm will know. Either way I like the resolution they have implied to the customers.

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