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    1. @Taticzs ok so if I think about it you might need something more on the duller side so zen and dark code are out use something full like reality proton physix obsession or command x you have for 15-16 MPH those are the ones I’d get phaze 2 would could work out but you might need to be slower

    2. @Sixty Cargo the fighting game guy How would you recommend for a 2-Hander throwing around 16mph on a heavy pattern?

    3. @Ternedo depends on length I’d deal more with something shiny not dull since you have more rev rate and my Friend won a tournament using zen as a 2 hander Earl Anthony pattern if you want to play an straight game throw it straight on the right and have it hook go with something shiny like dark code want to play a curve line something dull like proton physix

    4. @Ternedo @Sixty Cargo the fighting game guy seems spot on. And if you get a shiny ball and it’s still making too hard a turn you can sand it down to balance its reaction. Or if your solid isn’t making the move you like you can shine it up. Personally I like Solid’s more than pearls because they’re more controlled but pearls can be a lot more versatile and they don’t lose energy like solids do. I’m also just now learning how to take my hand out of the ball and roll it up the back so take my advice with a grain of salt as I’m not that good

  1. Oh man! Iron (edit: i said black before) and Red! These are my two favorite colors and that’s my ball right there!
    It looks like a Mid Performance though.

    Edit: Yes, it is a Mid-Performance.
    But it seems STRONG with the core
    VECTOR which was inside of Incite.
    I’d take one in my hands for sure but, as long as Turkish Lira (₺) keeps
    getting less and less valuable
    against US Dolar ($), it never will be
    possible for me to become a PRO
    and buy Pro Balls around the world.

    Edit 2: Right now, it’s 11:30 pm for me and it’s December 22nd.
    $1 = 12₺ right now. It was way less valuable (it was almost 17) 2 days ago. What the… ?

    1. For what it’s worth, it’s not the same core as the Incite. They altered it, you can see the shape and the core specs. The incite is an Asymmetric (Tensor Core), the Spectre seems to be the Symmetric adaptation. (Vector Core)

  2. She’s an awesome representative for your company. Storm should definitely use her to promote your product as often as you can.

    1. @Ronald Lewis I have this opinion because she’s good in front of a camera, has high energy, and seems like a fun person. I’m not saying the color of a persons skin doesn’t matter but all the other things are much more important to me personally

    2. @Just making this to reply Sorry about the confusion. The guy that I was replying to must have taken his comment down. You’re good man.

    3. @Ronald Lewis oh yeah I forgot I ignored him. You might wanna edit your comment. Looks kinda sketchy right now lol

  3. Being a “Thunder ” line ball tells me it would likely fit me. I bowl typical league house pattern. At 61 I’m finally learning to use hand position to get more use out of a given ball.
    The stronger balls tend to break too hard for me. Not fast enough roll for them.
    My Mix hooks on the house pattern.😀😃😄 got a 300 on a no-tap night with it. Still no sanctioned 300.

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