Storm !Q Tour Nano Pearl Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Nano Ball Good!

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The Storm !Q Tour Nano pearl is one of the best balls I've ever thrown from straight! No Cap there!

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7 Comments on “Storm !Q Tour Nano Pearl Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Nano Ball Good!”

  1. At first I thought you were misunderstanding the ball, but glad you got it after. It’s not that you can’t move inside, it’s just that you gotta make the moves more parallel and keep it close to the pocket. Looked really good for you so might be an option for more difficult conditions.

    Also, very few people got some quality reviews on the tropical surge. Maybe a comparison between it and the Thrills?

  2. A ball I’d like to see that’s also a bit older is the Roto Grip Idol Synergy. Enjoyed the IQ Tour Nano breakdown as it and the Idol Synergy are the two balls I am using in league.

  3. If you can get your hands on it… the Emerald was an AWESOME ball!

    The last non-Motiv one I threw and it was quite versatile. I ended up with a 740 something along with a 300 the last time I threw it, and it was from varying positions on the lane

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