21 Comments on “Storm Proton Physix vs Motiv Forge Flare by TamerBowling.com”

  1. Funny you put this up after I asked you about the two balls yesterday, lol! Kinda fun to see them after talking about it

    1. @TamerBowling For sure. The Proton’s forward roll looks so good on some of these shots, but I worry about it rolling out far more than the Forge Flare. I’m torn because when I saw the Proton Physix I was geeking out due to a solid covered Physix core…..now I don’t know, lol.

    2. @David Kirtley it’s a tough call but I don’t think you can go wrong either way. I do like the idea of a huge sym that rolls like an asym in a sense but I have also found more use on sport shots with asyms, at least for my game where I can benefit from strong cores.

    3. @TamerBowling my toddler went ballistic over the Proton when i showed her. I think she made the decision haha

  2. This might be my eyes tricking me, but I think the Forge looks just slightly better through the pins for you one handed, and the Proton looked slightly better 2-handed, but only marginally either way.

    I struggle with asyms rolling out/forward sometimes. So having that kind of strong defined motion with a symmetric ball is a gift from the bowling gods for me.

    MotivLou also has a video running through different surfaces on it. Even the 500 and 1000 grits still moved off the end of the pattern when he missed right and came back to the pocket, which is impressive. I think Motiv is really onto something with the cover they put on this

  3. Forge Flare looks slower. Both are good looking balls. I think Motiv has some good looking balls. Have to bowl with it in a tournament to see, both might be he right right choice for tournament bowling

  4. Tamer- i love your reviews and I love when u do the grading of them ( though I read some comments disagreeing with using a grading system ) . I feel the grades are really really helpful. Your videos are wonderful. Your review on the BWP helped me decide to go with that ball and it works beautiful for me ( I’m a lefty too) its a great ball and I’ve had it for about a year already. Thank u . Ps will u do a video on the black widow 2.0?

    1. Thanks. Glad it helped. Brunswick isn’t working with us so it’s hard to get access. Still have to see.

    2. @TamerBowling thank u tamer for all your reply and your help. Oh geez ,hope they contact you guys back. Def keep us posted too. Keep up the awesome videos.

  5. The flare seems to just stop at the head pin while the proton continues, the proton looks more versatile As well, im sold

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