1. We may be in luck now, I don’t see two overseas NRG Hybrids shinny being overseas, and since the dark is Reacta Gloss, its most likely coming over

  1. To be totally honest… these ones don’t excite me very much. While both balls look good, they don’t exactly break the mold. Having “tour” in the name, I was hoping the Physix Tour would have a lower differential than normal, like with the Roto Grip Tour Dynam-x.

    1. I hear you. The word “tour” gets thrown around a lot. Completely valid. Personally, I’d love to drill the Physix Tour with no thumb and rip the cover from here to Mars…

  2. I’m speed dom and have loved my Marvel Maxx Tour w NEX hybrid polished. Have a Spr Nova (nex solid) for the slicker nights but its always been alil to slow a move for me. That Physix tour has me all tingly! Hope they put nex hybrid on a symmetric again soon. May pick up a cheap cosmos as a backup for my Marvel Maxx, its become my best ball by far and 15’s are all gone now 🙁

  3. Was excited about the Physixs until I realized it’s just a color/smell change from the Fire Physixs from past year which I have 2 of already. Kind of disappointing

  4. Virtual Gravity was not the first overseas with reacta Gloss, the Dark PhysiX is, as I have one, but I am assuming its coming stateside

  5. Still take my proton with me everywhere being on the left side. Done shot multiple 300 700 series with it on various patterns. Never been a hybrid fan it just doesn’t match up well with me but the tour sure is PRETTY!!

  6. Wooow I remember owning a Virtual Gravity nano pearl 10+yrs ago! I absolutely loved that ball and wish they’d remake it..

  7. The Physix with that shiny hybrid design looks like it rolls a lot like the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 hybrid. The BW2.0 is the first non-storm/roto/900 ball ive ever owned, but WOW is that one simply magical! This new Physix looks like it is going to be very similar, and that is an awesome thing.

  8. The Physix Tour is basically replacing the Fire Physix. Both Nex hybrids w 1500 grit polish, I’m a fan of hybrids because i can have versatility if i have 2 physix tours, one to dig in the fresh other when it gets toasty.

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