11 Comments on “STORM | PHAZE 4 vs TREND 2 | 5 THROWS EACH”

    1. Yeah it looks way better the train to because the faze 2 core It’s not meant to like snap really hard so I would think it would be better played straighter

    1. Nano hybrid vs r2s pearl. Phaze 4 is definitely longer and sharper off the spot. Trend 2 will be more amicable to players who like a rounder shape for sure

  1. This is the 3rd vid I’ve seen of the Phaze 4, and no matter what ball it’s been put up against, it’s looked like a crappier version of the opponent. Not great for a ball w so much hype around it.

  2. You can definitely see the stronger cover of the Trend 2 read the pattern better than the P4. The P4 still isnt as flippy as people make it sound. Willing to bet if you put the P4 against the Wolverine that you would tell a difference. The P4 is more of a heavy roll on the backend than a true skid/snap ball like a Nuclear Cell and Wolverine. Even the P3 seems more angular than the P4.

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