Storm Phaze 4 vs Storm Phaze 3 | These Bowling Balls Are GOOD!!!

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In todays video we are comparing the all new Storm Phaze 4 to its predecessor the Storm Phaze 3!

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13 Comments on “Storm Phaze 4 vs Storm Phaze 3 | These Bowling Balls Are GOOD!!!”

  1. Can you help me out on using these kind of balls? I’m not a high rev bowler but I can still hook it to some degree. When I see internet guys switch to these balls they can make these balls hit every board twice. When I ball down I have to move way right or it won’t hook enough. I understand that they do it as the pattern dries up but I’ve never been able to move left by going to a shiny symmetric even when the lanes should have opened up. Is it just speed control or is there something else that makes these kind of balls get that hockey stick motion? It’s like I’m immune to skid flip.

    1. Shiny symmetric balls don’t get much traction in oil so they need time at the end of the pattern to catch on the friction and turn over. If you are speed dominate and don’t put a lot of revs on it, they will tend to slide right through the breakpoint and never start to hook. I had the same issue for a while until I fixed a ton of mechanical issues. Your best bet to replicate that kind of motion (if you feel like you need it) is to put some surface on them so they get more traction and start to hook before the end of the pattern, or look at some mild asymmetric balls that have cores with more torque so they will turn over harder when they start to hook. Best bet is to talk to your PSO and have him/her recommend some balls that will fit you game

  2. Great review, from what I saw the 2 balls definitely compliment each other, I just sold the phaze 3 I had as I personally didn’t like it. I won’t be getting a phaze 4 either as I already have an astro physix and iq emerald which both are r2s covers. I don’t feel I need another in my bag. Great review.

    1. Phaze 4 isn’t really similar to either one of those balls. Just because the cover is the same, doesn’t mean the ball is the same.

  3. Honestly I think Storm’s intent with the Phaze 4 is to replace the Phaze III because seeing you throw the Phaze III… it rolls a lot like the Zen… and we all know that ball isn’t going anywhere anytime soon… actually 900 Global shouldn’t ever be allowed to discontinue that ball lol

  4. Hey Luis good vid. Question though why 30 as you drill angle? I know it is a Sym and drill angel doesn’t really matter at all. But what would the hope be with such? Because my Phaze III has never rolled well for me at all

  5. The Phaze 3 is in my top 3 balls of all time, maybe top 2. It is very angular off the pattern with a fresh cover but it is nuts with a little surface. I was excited for the P4 but it definitely feels too close to the P3 to have both. What do you think would be a good step down from the P3 of the balls you have thrown?

  6. I’ll be at a Storm demo Sunday and will likely see the Phaze 4….. I expect it to be a house killer! Probably way too angular for most sport patterns.

  7. This is the smoothest I’ve ever seen a Phaze 3 look! Most of the other reviews I have seen, it looked WAY too angular. Perhaps this one is smooth because it’s had its hole plugged one too many times? Heh.. I’m a child.

    EDIT: If I had just listened for a few more seconds, I would have heard you say the exact same thing. Hahaha.

    Hope you’re doing well!!

  8. I LOVE my Phaze III – it needs a few games to break in and stop being so sharp off the dry, but once it tamed down I’ve never had a better ball to circle the lane with

  9. Thank you for making this comparison. I have a P2, P3, and I’m looking to get a P4 for when those lanes get dry. My P3 has too much hook when the conditions are really dry and for sure my P2 does the same. Considering this is the P4 worth adding to my arsenal as my first and only pearl ball? I have only heard this ball is great for dry conditions.

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