Storm Phaze 4 Is EVEN Better With Surface! Surface Change To 2000 On The Phaze 4!

The Phaze 4 is Storms newest symmetrical pearl bowling ball and the factory finish on that is 1500 grit polish! Not everyone is going to love this ball right out of the box so I am showing you how this ball rolls with a surface change to 2000!

How to change surface:

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16 Comments on “Storm Phaze 4 Is EVEN Better With Surface! Surface Change To 2000 On The Phaze 4!”

    1. @Soren But why would I do that when I already like the surface on the P2s and don’t have to change a thing. Only thing is to drill them slightly different for some different reactions but no surface change needed.

    2. @Soren except I like it out of the box and also with lane shine which I would say doesn’t take more than 12 games which is no where near a ton. I’ve had 3 phaze 2’s and thrown over 700 every time straight out of the box. Also, at no point have I ever had a p2 that needed to calm down. One of the reason’s it’s a staple in most pros bags.

  1. Your videos have gotten me to experiment more with surface change and except for my Helios, which I still can’t figure out consistently even though I’ve had it at 2K, 3K and 4K, I’ve been able to find really good matches with other balls. The local pro shop is also very good and I’m able to change the surfaces at my leisure. I hope every single person takes your words to heart about changing the surface of a ball if it’s not matching up well out of box. We spend far too much money on performance balls to just give it away or get pennies on the dollar giving it to someone else so they can re-plug and drill it, without first doing everything we can to figure out how the ball best matches up with our game. And most of the time, the balls are simply too good to give up that quickly as well.

  2. So here’s an interesting video idea to help make your point about surface… do surface videos for balls we all know aren’t your favorite! The Dark Code and Zen Master come to mind immediately lol 😂

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