Storm Phaze 4 Bowling Ball Video | The Phaze We Have All Been Waiting For! BowlerX with JR Raymond

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21 Comments on “Storm Phaze 4 Bowling Ball Video | The Phaze We Have All Been Waiting For! BowlerX with JR Raymond”

    1. @Thunderpulse The Gem isn’t out yet, but it looks like it’ll be a really good piece. There are a few videos online of it

    1. Might wanna stay tuned to the Ronald Hickland Jr channel😉 (sorry Ron if you see this, trying to get you more views lol)

  1. I am just an average bowler but my consistency and strike rate has improved alot after around 2 weeks of using it.

  2. For anyone throwing 12lb or 13lb balls, the Hy-road Pearl is the EXACT same ball as the Phaze4 at a much lower price. Storm uses a generic core in the 12-13lb, and the Phaze4 and the Hyroad Pearl have that same core and the R2S cover. If you were considering a 12 or 13lb Phaze4 just go Hy-road Pearl and save some cash and get the same ball.

  3. I have seen other vids of people saying they consider this ball a Skid/flip motion but I just dont see it. I see more of a rev up and continue motion and figured it would have to be seeing the RG is in the 2.4s. Plus, in this video, you can see the core revving up hard at the 35 foot mark (the gold color in the ball makes it stand out). I would be curious to see your comparison with the Spectre and Eruption.

  4. Hi. I’m Wayne. I’m in and from Panamá. República of Panamá. Been following your tipo for a wile and I like the review on the Phase 4. How can I get one from you?

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