Storm Phaze 4 Ball Review! Chance At 300 While Filming! The Next Great Transition Bowling Ball!

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The Phaze 4 is the newest pearl symmetrical bowling ball from Storm! In typical Storm fashion this ball does not disappoint! Velocity core found in all the other Phaze line balls wrapped with the ever popular R2S Pearl cover! Even had a chance to shoot 300!

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46 Comments on “Storm Phaze 4 Ball Review! Chance At 300 While Filming! The Next Great Transition Bowling Ball!”

  1. I thought exactly the same thing about it looking like the fusion. My first serious bowling ball and maybe my favorite all time. This is a good start for me with the Phaze 4. I wonder with some surface adjustment, if this ball can be a Fusion on steroids? They have the same RG if I’m not mistaken. Just a stronger version of that beautiful gem from the past. And speaking of the smell, I’m a little surprised that the Phaze 4 was that strong for you. My Trend 2 and IQTNP are both not that strong and they’re both very new. I thought maybe it was just a thing with how they make orange scents, but then at the pro shop the Spectre and Nova both seemed also very tamped down. I thought maybe they had toned down the scents as of late on all their stuff, but I guess not judging by your reaction to the P4.

  2. I loved everything about this ball, until I saw the scent 🤢🤮

    I’m still gonna buy it though 😂 good thing I bowl in a mask

  3. Wow! This another ball for your arsenal! Between this and the altered reality, you’ll be ready for a tournament! I have the phaze 3 and I love it! Can’t wait until you do that comparison

  4. This one is next on my list to buy. Got my Nova yesterday bowled a 267 my first game with it. Storm is really delivering some good product right now

  5. Luis. Looking at a transition ball. Looking at a Wolverine or Burner Pearl. Of course I would drill a little strong in the Burner. I have a Bonus Solid at 45×4.5×40 and a Honey Badger Revival at 45x4x35. That comparison would much be appreciated. Keep the 900 global reviews going. I loved 900 global. Break Pearl, The Eagle, Long Shot and the Creature Pearl. Much appreciated 🙏

    1. @Luis Napoles thanks for the reply. Any take on what would be a good balls after the Honey Badger. Something that could clear the fronts? Congratulations on 900 global. Great choice on signing with a company.

  6. Great review Luis! Phaze 4 looks great, but I feel like I own it already. Great option for those looking for a longer down lane piece.

  7. Thank you for making this video. I have pre-ordered a week ago and I know this ball will be good for me. I own phaze 2 and 3 and they are amazing, I know phaze 4 will be amazing too. What I see so far that this ball is solid and strong at back end. Only Luis makes a good video and lengthy video too lol which is good. I have check other people review and only last 1 minute or so. Luis makes a very detailed video that’s why I’m always entertain to check his review like this one.

    1. Exactly Jason Schaal yes Luis how about starting with the Altered Reality then going to the Phase 4 Luis would that work on the Ths. Thanks 😊 nice work 👍

  8. I haven’t thrown a storm ball for about 15 years I took 9 years off and came back to throwing 900 global and I told myself I am getting this phase 4 numbers are close to the zen which is my favorite ball I use to date I hope I enjoy this just as much

  9. It would be sweet if you could do a phaze 4 vs zen. Been needing a symmetric pearl to replace my axiom pearl and those 2 balls look very good

    1. Yes Michael Yee I also have the Zen and Axiom Pearl great comparison 👍 I would like to see. Good job Luis we appreciate your ball videos. Thanks 😊

  10. You still have your Trend Lou? That’s a ball I’d love to see compared just because they are both R2S pearl. I think the Phaze 4 has the stronger core, but I think the numbers are similar enough to where it would be interesting

  11. You almost got it nice try here’s my question out of the Spectre, Phaze 4 and Wolverine which would be the one you would keep at box finish and which would you likely sand. Better yet are all three balls necessary in an arsenal ? I have the Wolverine and it looks great at 2k even surprising you

  12. Looks awsome I’m not really sure if I’m getting it I didn’t get along with the p2 but I would definitely love to see it compared to the zen

  13. I’d like to see this up against the IQ Emerald personally. But I’m going to pass on this one. With what I got in the bag now. I feel like I would have too much overlap. Honestly I’m waiting for the next 900 G releases.

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