8 Comments on “Storm Phaze 4 (1-hand & 2-hand) with Spectre by TamerBowling.com”

  1. I was glad to be behind the scenes watching you get this ball down lane. Looks like a beautiful backend reaction.

  2. Let me guess? It goes through the fronts nicely, reads the mid lane very well and breaks amazingly well on the back end?
    Yep. Sounds like every bowling ball that’s been released in the last 30 years.

    1. Not sure what you mean here. Have you watched my reviews before?? That’s definitely not my schtik. Plenty of other ball reviews do that…

    2. @TamerBowling Naw it’s nothing to do with you. I was just mocking what’s said about every bowling ball from people on staff. The people that have to pretend as though every ball is a MUST HAVE in our bag, or that it’s a BENCHMARK ball and there’s NO OTHER BALL LIKE IT despite us as consumers seeing so many of these bowling balls essentially just seem like exact replicas of one another. There’s been thousands of bowling balls made in the last 20-30 years and aside from their colors/logos etc. I’d say there’s maybe 50 out of the thousands that have actually been unique to the rest as far as how it rolls, how it reads the fronts, how it hits the pocket etc. In other words.. they should chill out on releasing a new ball every week and if anything find ways to put more money into these beat down bowling centers throughout the US. I’ve been to probably 100 different bowling centers in my life time and a fairly high percentage of them badly need renovations. I could go on and on for another hour but again.. nothing against you bro. I’m subscribed to your channel for a reason. ☝

    1. Spectre is like the marvel pearl so basically compares to it as I described the difference between the phaze 4 and spectre.

  3. Angel over on Luke’s channel seems to match up really well with the Phase 4, so I’m definitely curious how it works for Brian.

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