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The Storm Phaze 2 is just one of those truly special bowling balls! Originally came out back in 2016 and continues to be a go to benchmark bowling balls for professionals and amateurs alike!

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21 Comments on “Storm Phaze 2 Is The GREATEST BOWLING BALL OF ALL TIME! 300 Alert! GOAT!”

  1. Love my phaze 2. Trying to build my arsenal around this piece. Picked up an idol cosmos. Thinking of adding a reality check or infinite physix

  2. As an older player (70) my ball speed is slower (11.5) or so. I think this ball would be a little too early for me. I use an older storm ball – Reign Supreme-15 lb. Still a Sym ball with a Hi-brid cover and it goes a little longer. 5 – 300s with it. Also have a Hi-road pearl that I resanded from 1500 to 1000 grit and repolished so it is not so angular-works very well( Colleen’s husband)

  3. I just bought my first. I am about 40 mins from throwing my first shots with it, actually. Looking forward to it!

  4. That cover has not been used on any other ball which is astounding. But I guess it’s Storm saying it’s not getting any better than this.

  5. I think I just don’t match up well to my P2 on house shots. I really like it with some surface on fresh flatter sport patterns but on house the cover feels so strong it burns up and get me a lot of 9 counts.

  6. Always great videos!! Bought my 1st ball after being off bowling for 30 years on your recommendation, a Phaze 2 👍. Unfortunately I had to sell it , it was 15 lbs and didn’t feel comfortable with it. Bought my second choice a Rubicon UC3 in 14lbs. Much more fun and comfortable to throw. May also buy another Phaze 2 🤩. Question, how much do you come up the side of the ball to get these reactions? It seems you can almost make any ball look good. Lol 😂

  7. Phaze II looks great. I have always felt while watching your videos for awhile now that you needed to work on your timing, but I am no coach. Always work towards increasing your game. Did storm change the cover at all during the whole USBC too soft/4k fast thing with this ball?

  8. I’ve seen a lot of people use them and I’ve always wanted one. I bought a hustle USA because of your video

  9. For me it’s the UC3. Haven’t thrown the P2 so I cannot compare them directly but I would love to see Lou do a comparison of the two.

  10. Is the Phaze II the goat, yes
    Is the Phaze II the best benchmark ball, personally no. I have two Phaze IIs, one is a great ball for when the lanes dry out, other one is shinned up made for strong heavy patterns

  11. Phase 2 is absolutely the GOAT and probably my favorite all time ball. I really like the jersey and the video! I’m curious even with it being banned where would you place Trend 2 in your arsenal? Obviously you have the big asym first. I have the nova second, wondering if phase 2 would work well? I’m working on a Zen currently as well

  12. I’ve had two, such a great ball. Don’t know why they didn’t just pearlize the TX16 cover. Then again we basically have that and it’s the Zen which is pretty good.

  13. Luis, I went to a proshop to inquire about drilling a Phaze 2, and because I have a Rubicon Solid, he said that he could sell me one, but my Rubicon should be doing the same thing. Said I should only buy one if I just had to have a Phaze 2. Your thoughts? (Love my IQ Tour Solid).

  14. Definitely my favorite ball. Just recently moved up to 15lbs from 14 so I’ll probably get another one soon. Keep up the great work!!

  15. I wished I had purchased the Phaze 2 as my benchmark ball. Instead, I bought the idol helios. I find the helios OK, but somewhat lazy in the backend for me. From what I have seen, the Phaze 2 is stronger and more continuous on the backend. Hopefully, I will be able to get a Phaze 2 in the near future.

  16. This is definitely one I’m going to add before the year is out. Side note: I’ve noticed you’ve changed into the SSTs out of the 3Gs. We’re the other shoes affecting your approach? I went to 3Gs from Dexters and they get me to the line super fast no matter the heel/sole combo.

  17. I have and pull first from my bag the Venom Shock. Could be the 1b of sym solid balls. I can throw mine a long time during league. But, ( I’m a medium rev / to stroker bowler) I see the shock not coming back for me. Anyway, the next sym solid I buy will be a Phase II. Keep up the good work sir

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