Storm Phaze 2 Is STILL The Daddy!

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The Storm Phaze 2 has been THE go to symmetrical solid bowling ball for years! Today we shall see if the Roto Grip TNT can keep up!

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41 Comments on “Storm Phaze 2 Is STILL The Daddy!”

  1. Throwing it really well Luis. Your practice to tighten up the swing is paying off! Excellent comparison of these two balls.

  2. Lol, gotta love back to back stone 9’s , i think the TNT would be a great look on fresh with really dry back ends, almost looks like an Axiom i had, nice review Luis, your throwin it good, cheers!

  3. The TNT is my GOAT for solid syms. I find the Phaze 2 too quick. It forces me too far left too quickly, while the TNT allows me to stay closer to the friction and keep the ball in play more. I also like throwing the TNT to the gutter on short patterns because it is earlier than the Phaze 2.

  4. From what I could see, the TNT was very smooth and straight, better for staying right or going more up the lane.
    One more video Tip: I think you need to increase the F stop on your desk camera. The balls on the table are blurred out and on your second break you were blurred out. Try F2.8. That should still blur the backgroud but keep the foreground in focus so we can have both the balls on the table and you in focus. 😉

  5. Hey Luis! Great video, as always. I have a thought/question for you: You, and MANY of the YouTube bowling channels that I love (Darren, Luke, B&B, Brad & Kyle, etc) routinely use a list of adjectives to describe ball motion and how it reacts down the lane. I don’t know if you’ve ever considered this, but I feel like I can’t possibly be the only one who often times does not fully understand what you are describing when you use words like “fast/slow, smoothe, rolly, tumbly, round, quicker down the lane”, etc. I try and use the context to figure it out but I feel like I’m getting it all wrong sometimes. I wonder if you could do a video where you describe each of these terms while utilizing a spectrum of balls that have the reactions that show what you are describing. I know there are a lot of people out there watching that are thinking the same thing I am. Anyway, think about it and I hope you’ll give it a shot. I think it would make a great video. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  6. Where would you rank the TNT when put in a lineup of the Night Road, Cosmos, and Hustle Wine? Closer to the Night Road or closer to the Wine?

  7. Id love to see you do a Zen and Phase II comparison and what you look for to move into the Zen from the Phase II.

  8. I am always astounded by last centuries outdated dual angle being used on storm balls ,if you convert to vls the amount of miss room becomes incredible . I personally saw half a board of miss room become 4 boards on the same ball after plugging .

    1. Dual or vls isnt gonna change much on how the ball rolls because the core isnt touching the lane the cover is

  9. Awesome video man!! Wanna say thank you for the advice I got an IQ Tour solid and I love it!! It fits in perfectly into my arsenal!! Keep up the great work man!!

  10. My man Luis tells me he’s gonna do something and the man delivers every time even though I think every one who watches him knew that this video was coming

  11. That was a great comparison. My local Alley is usually just an oil spill and then maybe some friction. The TNT is my arsenal for sure now. I just got to decide on an absolute or eternity. Tomorrow I’ll have that answer. Thanks for the great videos.

  12. Great comparison and explanations! It’s good to let people know when they might use certain types of balls. I think that’s something a lot of bowlers struggle with.

  13. I feel like the TNT has 2 daddies. The original idol, is the actual daddy who is even keeled all the time and just gets the job done, and then you have the phaze 2 which is the more feminine daddy, still strong, but like to use its power on the backend lol.

  14. The TNT definitely looks like it wants to roll out faster/straighter. I’ve certainly been in scenarios where the TNT would have put performed the P2.

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