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  1. Pretty sure this will finally be the successor to my Halo Pearl. Since the Halo Pearl, I haven’t really thrown an asym pearl I liked until now. I’m really liking what I’m seeing. Gets through the fronts with ease and gives me a really good entry angle to the pocket. Great continuation through the pins and responds well to different hand positions. I think if I put just a pinch of surface on it to blend out the reaction a bit, this thing will be money.

    1. I love my halo Pearl and when I want to replace it I think the Parallax Effect would be perfect

    1. @jeffleo _ man I’m still a rookie lol I dont really know what all that means all I know is my Axiom pearl hooks half way down the dang lane I need something a little longer before it hooks lol

    2. @Tdub W just shine your old ball up. Use the storm polish or sand it with high grit pads/sandpaper

    3. What they are trying to say is this. The lower the rg on a ball the longer it goes, the axiom pearl is longer but still can hook to the pocket. A ball thats near these but a little better on a house shot would be the idol synergy id check that out

  2. I got to try this at a storm demo day.
    The ball rep was great. Helped me zero in. Started hitting strikes.
    Pre-ordered this already.

  3. This ball is going to be in my arsenal, for sure! I love the reaction on the original Intense and I was sad that the Intense was discontinued. This will definitely be a great replacement!

  4. I like where this is heading … with both Brad AND Kyle able to market products for Storm.

  5. No shoutout to Mo PInel on social media? How much of the knowledge about the business and products today exist because of him?

    Stay classy, Storm.

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