Storm Nova vs 900 Global Reality! Ultimate Asymmetrical Bowling Ball Challenge!

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In this video we are comparing the Storm Nova and the 900 Global Reality! Arguably the two strongest bowling balls on the market today!

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16 Comments on “Storm Nova vs 900 Global Reality! Ultimate Asymmetrical Bowling Ball Challenge!”

    1. disagree, depends on your conditions. works perfect out of box for me on heavier house. But at many normal houses I could see that.

    2. @Chris Webb I think its very strong and they expect it to lane shine and blend as hybrid . The lanes he bowls on both tend to be pretty good when it comes to friction. Normally changing surface is something you do to fit the lanes and change the timing of it reading. Being it is a hybrid, I feel strongly this ball should react really good to changing surface and polish.

      This ball might be Astro Physix good with a little shine.. They are fairly close in numbers and cover strength. Who wouldn’t want a new astro physix?!?

  1. I have the reality now love it

    Im not necessarily looking for a replacement more less a step down

    Was thinking the nova hybrid or the altered reailty

    Im a high speed 18.5mph with a 380 rev rate .

  2. Ok the Nova officially has my attention! Everyone I’ve seen do reviews for it loves it and Brad Miller used it a lot in the Players Championship qualifying round, very impressed

  3. I would love to see them both at 2000! Thanks for the review… As a lefty, I like going alittle straight as well. I’m not comfortable from far right. I will work on that in the summer.

  4. Reality is an amazing ball and been a go to for me as a low to mid rev speed matched player. A good comparison looks like you could choose your preferred brand or color and be ok in all REALITY !! ” PUN INTENDED”

  5. I’m not sure what your oil pattern and volume is, but believe me, where I bowl these shots will these two balls, you’d be hooking across the lane taking out the seven pin if you’re lucky😆

  6. I made the connection between you and Chase Nadeau! He is the owner at my bowling center and a super nice guy. I subscribe to your channel and enjoy your content very much, keep it up!

  7. I’m looking for a ball for the fresh condition that will be good for the transition. both those look good?

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