7 Comments on “Storm | Nova – Player Testimonials”

  1. Got the chance to throw the Nova last week in a five game demo session on both a house and sport pattern, and I have to tell you, this ball is ridiculous, but in a good way. I was able to back out of it playing straighter, or move way left opening the lane up and it STILL made the corner without burning up. It also carried through the pins exceptionally well. I was throwing it against my Proton which I also love and I can definitely see them playing off eachother. I had a blast throwing it and this will for sure be making the bag.

    1. @blinkers88 Definitely. The Proton really digs in earlier and it’s a bit smoother, while the Nova is cleaner and sharper off the spot. Generally speaking, I would use the Proton on the fresh and then make the switch to the Nova once the Proton becomes too much ball, especially once the fronts get torched. These two compliment eachother exceptionally well.

  2. Don’t know how you guys do it but you do it time and time again! Thanks for making the best balls out there! I know I will never throw anything else. Love you Storm (and Roto Grip and 900 Global)!

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