Storm Nova Ball Review! THE Strongest Asymmetrical Hybrid Bowling Ball I have Ever Thrown!

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The Storm Nova is the latest asymmetrical hybrid bowling ball from Storm! Features a very strong core and cover combo that absolutely gets the job done!

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11 Comments on “Storm Nova Ball Review! THE Strongest Asymmetrical Hybrid Bowling Ball I have Ever Thrown!”

  1. I love the colors of that ball and would like to get one but I fear there would too much overlap to fit between my proton and x1 to warrant getting one being a speed dominant stroker. For the proton grabs just enough at the right time and when I need the ball to get down the lane and pop x1.

  2. Would you compare it to a UFO Alert also a strong hybrid. Also I am curious what your speed and rev is and how it works for or against you with these balls.

  3. I had my thoughts on the Nova debating on getting it or not, still up in the air but watching these reviews has my mind changing lol. Love the reviews Luis! cant wait to see more in the future and build my ball collection as the year goes lol

  4. How would this compare to the Storm Lock? My storm lock was a beast, but it cracked during the Covid lockdown. Both are asymmetrical hybrids with similar specs. Curious to see if you’ve had any thoughts.

  5. I have my question as to how this ball compares to the Reality. Early rolling balls for me use the energy to early because of my lower ball speed I have no backend

  6. I’ve really liked high diff/low RG asym cores with mediumish covers. Loved the astrophysix and the brunswick prism warp. This ball falls in that category and really intrigues me.

  7. Storm really nailed it with this one, should complement my Reality really nicely… really excited for this one

  8. That really surprised me that you could play up the boards with this one. Honestly looked really good from that line.

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