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    1. UFO has a lot more length and more backend, but they do relate to each other in terms of shape overall I would say. If you like the shapes overall, the Nova would be the higher volume ball with the surface and the UFO Alert would be when you need a cleaner reaction.

  1. Been watching your vids and site for a longtime for a reason…..not a 2 hander or Tweener, but I watch for your normal release and not for the 2hander, but I must say this….wow, love both styles that’s something to be able throw that good both ways! So how long have you been throwing 2 handed? Guess would be 3-4 years? Hard to get that good in anything that fast.

    1. Thanks. Glad it helps. I posted my video about considering a switch Oct 2020. I started working on it almost exactly a year ago. Never did it before then other than the random ball here and there messing around like everyone does since Belmo made it a thing. I worked on it for about 3-4 months and then had to stop as I was having issues I thought was attributed to the 2-hand style. About 2 months ago, I started throwing 2-handed again. So I would say probably a solid 4 months of effort. I have to post an updated video about the journey actually. It’s definitely not the easiest thing but there are lightbulb moments along the way. I study the biomechanics closely and there’s still work to do.

  2. Yeah I agree the colors are weird. Also idk where it would fit because the realitys and the ufo alert still exist

  3. So the way this ball is drilled you can throw it 2 handed as well as 1 handed? I’m asking because I notice you do not get under the ball as much as some two handers but the ball comes back off the dry. My ball will not do anything near that unless I get way under it.

  4. I always wanted the original Lock and in paper the Nova looks pretty close. Would you say so? From these videos the Lock appears to have a bit more on the backend while the Nova seems earlier and smoother.

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