1. My guess would be storm is gonna use that on every ball they make from now on. It’s very smart actually when it’s explained. Shows how storm is better than everyone as they are once again the first to come up with something

    2. ​@Kelly Coffey That’s exactly what I was thinking. I think Brunswick was first to start messing with the outer core.

  1. Don’t think Belmo would approve. Unless that was like a 48 foot pattern, he had to slow way down to get it to go through the pins properly, and Kyle wasn’t able to in those shots. I’d think he’d want something a little more aggressive.

  2. It’s definitely a Belmo ball just by the colors he loves blue and yellow but the name journey he’s been on one hell of a career journey allot of hate from bowlers that use one hand and over 40 years old but undeniably the best ever , literally 80% off teen bowlers are 2 handed because of him but they we’re both deep in the lane and it looked really angular (exactly what his wheelhouse is) can’t wait for the release btw all his balls come out in the summer

  3. looks like a pretty clean cover and weaker core considering how it doesn’t change directions too sharp

  4. I was contemplating on getting The Storm Summit ball. I wonder what’s the diff. Can you tell me any insight on both of the bowling balls? ID apareciste it! Yaya 😊

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