Storm incite vs 900 global reality | Full uncut review

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15 Comments on “Storm incite vs 900 global reality | Full uncut review”

  1. Recommendation for a mid strength pearl that clears the front consistently and still makes it to the pocket?

    1. Depends what brands you like, but I would recommend the Supra from Motiv, any Hustle ball from RG is a good bet, and the IQ Emerald is a solid choice. It’s really hard to see without knowing your game. Idol pearls are very good as well, they just don’t like shaping the whole lane.

    2. Hustle RAP for sure. Pairs up with my Synergy well once that becomes too much ball. Floats through the fronts with ease, lets me stay right and keep my angles closed on the burn. I’ve also gone left of twenty the few times I absolutely had to, and it still has the pop to make the corner, as long as you get around it. Ball responds exceptionally well to hand positions. Great piece for sure it was slept on mainly because it was released pretty much near the peak of lockdowns last year.

  2. I really enjoy your videos even though I have not been able to bowl in over 12 years I feel like keeping track of everything just in case I ever get my knee replacement I would love to take it back up again

  3. I’m looking for a heavy oil ball…im rev dominant about 16-17 mph…I threw the reality, proton, and obsession but also considered the incite….what do you think is a good fit out of those?

  4. What kind of oil do those lanes use? They look so dry, makes me think the reality would get further down lane in a different bowling centre

    1. It definitely would. I see a ton of low end stuff working in this house, but I’m worried we will no longer see the full potential of strong bowling balls in this center. Pretty sure I’ve bowled there before and the Venom Shock was the only thing working on fresh sport shots.

    2. @Chugalingus well then this whole channel seems pointless to me now, I play on heavy oil all the time, if I wanna see a ball review this isn’t gonna help me at all

  5. The second he says the lanes are already worn I switch off. No point in seeing ball reaction if it’s not even the true reaction

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