Storm Incite and Hyroad Max | Quick reaction clip

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8 Comments on “Storm Incite and Hyroad Max | Quick reaction clip”

  1. At least on this pattern, the HyRoad Max looked much more versatile. I just picked up the Axiom, and am looking at different step down options. I’m torn between they HyRoad Max and the Toxic Venom.

    1. That’s what I see out of this ball throwing it so far. There’s just a ton of deflection from any part of the lane for me anyway. Not really getting the shape I want either. I was never a fan of the Hy-Road series, and this just confirms something about these balls I just don’t match up with. I gave it one last chance but I think I’m done trying after this with this line.

  2. I feel like the incite would look better with polish. there are plenty of strong asyms out there for when you need to play extremely deep or there is heavy volume . thing seems totally over under for most player out the box

  3. I really like the fact it’s quick and we still see you play similar lines with each ball and move around. Are you going to do this with other balls? Like a axiom and axiom pearl comparison video?

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