Storm Incite (1-hand, 2-hand, high rev) by

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Sean is back testing alongside my 1-handed and 2-handed style. Today we review the Storm Incite Bowling Ball on a typical house shot. You might be surprised what I compare this to.
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19 Comments on “Storm Incite (1-hand, 2-hand, high rev) by”

  1. when i first saw this ball i thought it would be very niche, some people will love it most will hate it and storm will release a pearl that most love

    1. Nothing is a guarantee but it felt similar enough motion to call it out. Will be interesting to see what happens as the cover settles down.

  2. What is your speed as a two hander? I have the street fight with the same cover and I really enjoy that ball but honestly the core makes the very different balls.

    1. Very different balls for sure and honestly this cover feels so much more responsive than any other r4s I’ve seen. I’m 17-17.5 off my hand, ~ 15 at the pins.

    1. Yeah I definitely would’ve like to see Bryan with this to validate if my thoughts on it comparing it to the Lock hold true.

    1. For me it didn’t feel over under at all. Sean saw a little more variation but I wouldn’t call it over/under.

    2. @TBSports Maybe touchy is a better way to put it? Seems like it overreacts on the dry, and skids too far in the oil. Probably a good candidate for some surface.

    3. @Lucas the incite already has 3000 surface out of box. I don’t think it underreacted in oil. Maybe you just noticed that I had to keep moving deeper to account for how strong it was and then eventually it hits soft because I don’t have the rev rate to allow it to hit from there. I would probably need to use more speed.

  3. i would love to see if a surface adjustment / polish, smooths this out and makes it more playable to people without 500 rpm, and 19 mph. (talking about storm promo video) . it was one of the most over under and touchy balls for me i may have ever thrown.

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